Tubeking handbuilt Marshall 1974X 18WATT + VOX AC15 Dual channel

€ 1.200,00Prijs

First of all: This is not your everyday handwired clone or another 18WATT Marshall replica.


This is something else. Handbuilt and handwired in The Netherlands with a lot of vintage tone parts, tubes etc. This machine ROOAARRSS!!!


CHANNEL 1 is a Marshall 18WATT channel running  2x EL84 tubes and a couple of 12AX7's. It has volume, treble, middlel and bass. Sounds great with lots of drive, grit and power.


CHANNEL 2 is an 18WATT channel using a EF86 tube, which is basically a higher gain tube that was used in the early JMI VOX AC15's. This channel is WILD!!!!! It has volume and a varitone knob with settings from full blown treble and bass to "The Kinks" kind of 60's sound.


All channels are also regulated by a Master Volume so you can tame the beast a little when playing in smaller clubs or at home. But then again, who woudl want to tame a beast this brutal? Just get a grip and enjoy the ride!!!


All comes in a fire red combo and a Celestion G12H 30WATTS speaker. 

© 2018 - a BIAJ company from The Netherlands -

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