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13 September 2021 - *****
"Oooouuuyeahhh!! I've got my fuzz!!"

6 September
2021 - *****
"Thanks paul you rock!"

4 September 2021 - *****
"Expert packaging, beautiful guitars. Exactly as described, I'm thrilled with the quality. Would absolutely do business with you again. Cheers!"

4 September 2021 - *****
"Absolutely beautiful! Expertly packaged and received in perfect condition. I am grateful for the deal, they will each be loved. Thanks for the extras as well, very much appreciated. I'll be playing all day tomorrow!"

30 August 2021 - *****

"Hello Paul, the SG is safe at home and we had a great time in Zeeland. Thank you very much for your friendly welcome. Your place is stunning. Perfect atmosphere. Decades ago the guitars were less expensive, but the rooms they were sold were also different. Stay healthy and hope to see you in the future again."

29 August 2021 - *****
"The speakers arrived yesterday, and today I dropped them into the cab! They roar! Lightning fast delivery from overseas! A+ Seller"

27 August 2021 - *****
"The Selmer arrived today: works perfect! Sick feature with the preamp and yes as you said it sounds like fucking Rock’n’Roll! Thanks Paul!!"

26 Augustus 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul. The Isle Of Tone Haze fuzz arrived yesterday…its amazing!!! A really great work and a pedal for a lifetime and beyond…Thank you very much to make this possible. Have a nice day"

13 August 2021 - *****
"Paul, thank you so much for the '53 Les Paul, I am over the moon with it! What an amazink guitar this is!!"

10 August 2021 - *****
"The tubescreamer haze 67 arrived today. I am completely blown away by it in every way. Aesthetically and tonally it exceeded all of my expectations. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for sending me that email.  I know you could have sold this pedal a thousand times over and I feel incredibly grateful to have it in my collection.  I can assure you, it went to the right home :) You and Joe were so awesome to help me get this one in my hands and I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate that. You guys rock!  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!"

7 August 2021 - *****
"Even though I was a bit skeptical considering the age of the amp and the amount invested, Paul was amazingly helpful and supportive!! Amp arrived super packed and protected and sounds amazing!! Bees In A Jar is a Super Highly recommended seller and someone who definitely I will do business with again!"

5 August 2021 - *****
"Great packaging, Lightning ⚡ fast Shipping.. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐"

2 August 2021 - *****

"I love this les paul. Its s a real dream. Gibson VOS is like Chinese plastic against this strong and resonant wood. The search is over...!"

31 July 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul, beauty arrived yesterday and is awesome 🤗🤗🤩🤩 anyway I will miss GT 🙈😂 have a nice weekend 🤗"

24 July 2021 - *****
"It arrived! All intact. Sounds awesome. Thank you so much, Paul!"

23 July 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul, 
the Panucci arrived yesterday. What can I say.. Better than any Gibson custom! Marvelous Guitar! 

And thank you for the beer and  the goodies!"

21 July 2021 - *****
"Paul my dear friend, the super sexy guitar arrived! I’m really happy! The guitars from you are my favorites!! Everything perfect like always! It’s always a pleasure to deal with you! Thanks for everything!! 🙏🖤"

16 July 2021 - *****

"Thank you Paul. This Guitar is absolutely mindblowing, the wood feels perfect and much harder and resonant in comparison to reissues. It definitely nails Jimmy pages tone... I have now found what i was looking for...Thank you, also for the good beer;-)"

16 July 2021 - *****
"Hello Paul. The guitar just arrived. I just had in on the amp. Killer guitar! Thanks a lot for the extra beer goodies.I am afraid this was not the last time I bought something from you. 😂😂"

15 July 2021 - *****
"Thank you Paul. This Guitar is absolutely mindblowing, the wood feels perfect and much harder and resonant in comparison
 to reissues. It definitely nails Jimmy pages tone...

I have now found what I was looking for... Thank you, also for the good beer;-)"

14 July 2021 - *****

"Thank you Paul! I received the speakers in less then a week! I will come back to shop the other items. Thank you for all!"


14 July 2021 - *****

"Hi Paul, got the amp, it's splendid! And thanks a lot for the beers! Cheers""

13 July 2021 - *****
"Trustable vintage seller!! Fast shipment, well packed. Items are great. Will come back!"

10 July 2021 - *****
"Hello Paul, Received the Haze67, perfect tone! Just have to tame it.. ;-)"

7 July 2021 - *****
"A pleasure to do business, smooth transaction. Thank You!!"

6 July 2021 - *****
"Thanks Paul Hamwijk for this amazing 1953 Goldtop. You are a great friend. You are honest, competent and very patient with a pain in the ass like me. Evviva Bees In A Jar!"

22 June 2021 - *****

"YESSSSSSS The Haze67 is my sound!!!!!!"

16 June 2021 - *****
"The Goldtop arrived today safely. She plays absolutely well and looks truly great. It's hard to believe that she is already 68 years old. Hope I'm looking as good when I reach this age. And thanks for the Dutch beer.. It went right into the fridge to be tasted tomorrow."

10 June 2021 - *****

"Wonderful guitar, perfect seller!"

3 June 2021 - *****

"We love you!!"

1 June 2021 - *****

"I love the guitar ! the neck is great and it rings like a bell !! I'm really happy with my purchase! I play it a lot already and that really is a killer guitar ! Happy to have done a deal with your Shop​"


28 May 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul! The guitar arrived in perfect condition (as always). Thank you!!!"

27 May 2021 - *****
"Ich habe die Gitarren zu Hause nochmal kurz angeschaut und auch gespielt, alles ist super - ein Traum. Und für die vielen Extras, die Du dazu getan hast, vielen vielen Dank (die Straps sind echt klasse!!)."

22 May 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul! The 1968 Marshall 4x12 arrived safely yesterday! It sounds spectacular and perfectly fits the JMP50! Thank you so much for the fast processing and shipping! You're the best!!"

21 May 2021 - *****
"Hello Paul, I picked up and finally played the 5D3 Fender  Deluxe today. Truly an exceptional amplifier! Balanced and rich with wonderful low frequencies and a crunch that is out of this world. 
Nothing beats a vintage tweed amp  from the 1950s.
Thank you very much , it was a pleasure!
P.s.: and it was perfectly packaged!"

18 May 2021 - *****
"Very friendly and helpful seller. Fast shipping, item well packed. Thanks a lot! 
"Given the situation, it’s a real relief to be in business with such a helpful and friendly seller!"

15 May 2021 - *****
Accomplished a small dream of mine. Thank you Paul Hamwijk from Bees In A Jar for hooking me up with CC04 aka Sandy ! Been wanting one of these ever since I played one at a friend’s place.

Paul was absolutely great to deal with, a genuine human being, overall a stellar guy. Thank you for that, man !

I highly recommend checking him and his website out, he’s got astonishing gear for sale, and affordable prices !

Shoutout to www.bees-in-a-jar.com 

I’m sure grandma is smiling down on us right now."

14 May 2021 - *****
"Oh man, wat een beauty! Gisteren nog even op vol volume in de studio getest met Stefan en we waren echt helemaal over the moon!"

"Man, it sounds so cool! I can't really describe it... extremely woody I guess? Woody and "honky".

"She’s 30 years older than I am so I’m not sure if this is legal... but as of yesterday I am the proud owner of this BEAST / beauty of a guitar: it’s an original Gibson Les Paul Custom (yes, from before it was even called an SG) it plays and feels and looks like a dream: it just oozes mojo thank you so much Bees In A Jar for hooking us up!"

14 May 2021 - *****
"Wonderfull fuzz !!!!! yeaaaaaaaaah !!!! :-)"

12 May 2021 - *****
"Hello Paul! I've received the fabulous Selmer Zodiac, everything is in good condition and my Vox AC-30 is already jealous... Thx for the deal!"

11 May 2021 - *****

"Paul ! I see my dad told you already Fabulous looking instrument ! Looking forward to trying it out. Fantastic to deal with you mate, really ! Thank you for all the goodies as well ! Really hoping to buy from you again, once I have saved up again, and bought a house or apartment lol Thank you, Paul, really ❤️. Chris"

11 May 2021 - *****
"Thanks for the nice guitar for my son Chris and for the beer!🤪🍻"

9 May 2021 - *****
"Thx Paul Hamwijk at Bees In A Jar for helping me realise this childhood dream!!!"

5 May 2021 - *****

""Oh man.....i really appreciate your kindness! ☺️ Dankeschön nochmal mein Freund, das war sehr nett und großzügig von Dir! 😍"

5 May 2021 - *****
"Thanks!!! Best seller!!!!"


5 May 2021 - *****
"Thank you so much for doing this for me, it really means a lot to me! Seriously, thank you so much again!"


3 May 2021 - *****
"Thanks, the ES-330 arrived safely last Friday, well packed. It is a tone monster! It blows my 66 ES-335 ("mistress", see pic of the two) away. And it is soo light, it is a pleasure to hold, listen to and play.The fretwork is much better than expected. Overall, this guitar was very honestly described.It will stay with me for the rest of my days (which is hopefully at least some 2 refrets away ... )."

26 April 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul , I´m really happy with the guitar. as you described ,it feels ang sounds like an old telecaster. Thanks also for the strap, it´s really nice. "

24 April 2021 - *****

"Case has arrived!! Very well packed! Thanks for fast shipping!"

23 April 2021 - *****
"Thank you, the guitar is AWESOME! I think that I have never seen a customer treatment like yours.. the beers, the strap, the coa, your card, pics, vintage guitar magazine.. You’re great my friend! Thanks!"


16 April 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul, Der Amp ist gut angekommen und klingt gro
ßartig! Vielen Dank dir! Ich bin überaus glücklich mit dem Amp, Ich hoffe ich kann bald wieder bei dir einkaufen!"

14 April 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul, the Rossington just arrived. It's safe and feels great! Paul, that was just incredible service, packing and goodies! Thanks a lot!!! I will write stuff about that on Facebook or whereever it's helpful for you. All the best and we hear from each other!"

8 April 2021 - *****
"Non ho parole per ringraziarti. Provo solo amore per la fortuna nell averti incontrato..."

7 April 2021 - *****
"Super dank voor de snelle service man! Ding klinkt super cool!! Je hebt echt gave spullen daar, ik zal je site wat vaker in de gaten houden!! Cheers!!"

6 April 2021 - *****
"What a day at the factory!
😅 Thx to my friend Paul of @bees-in-a-jar, 2 x model 1969 from 1969 Marshall "offset" 4x12 came in 🙌🏻. Thx for the gifts as well brothah 😘 www.isle-of-tone.com"

30 Maart 2021 - *****

"Thank you so much Paul!! I thought I was dreaming! Thanks again for making it happen. I have been trying for months.."


30 Maart 2021 - *****

"Thanks a lot!! We are very very happy to be a part of Bees family"


30 Maart 2021 - *****

"Oh yesss!!! ... today is Eric's birthday and the guitar is here...😁 Thank you so much for all you've done and I hope to meet you "live" in your fantastic shop!!! 🤘🤘🤘"


28 Maart 2021 - *****

"Fuck, this amp is stunning Paul! I played it yesterday for the first time alone and later at a small session. It just sounds really nice and special, can‘t describe it.🤙🏻"


28 Maart 2021 - *****

" I'm happy with the purchase. And with the beer! And the Tshirt. Thanks a lot."


25 Maart 2021 - *****

"Vandaag binnen gekomen. Voldoet aan alle verwachtingen! Super bedankt!!😁 Top service!"

25 Maart 2021 - *****

"Happy days! Craig Ross touring guitar is finally with me! Paul Hamwijk - thank you for excellent service! You rock! And that strap- excellent choice! "

22 Maart 2021 - *****
"Yeahhh! Amp delivered! Fedex has been quick! Great packing thanks! Super Plexi.... sound on the 2nd canal !  the 1st canal is great too, with a more balanced sound."

20 Maart 2021 - *****

"These sound great. Let me know of you come across two more!"


20 Maart 2021 - *****
"2 day shipping from Europe to USA, packed safely and securely (even removed the tubes like you should!)"

18 Maart 2021 - *****

"Thanks so much Paul for this awesome genuine cab with his matched genuine Celestion pulsonic. Thanks so much too for the safetly and quickly shipping. Bees in a Jar Highly Recommended !!!!!!+++++++++++++++"


12 Maart 2021 - *****(*)
"Good morning Paul, the 335 arrived yesterday safe and sound, you did a really good pack up!
I had just some time to check the guitar, my ears are still ringing 😉 – what a fantastic instrument! As you described, warm, woody, round, and enough edge. Of course it looks fantastic, and it plays fantastic as well too! I have a great 65 ES 335 (ex Micky Moody btw), and this one is at least on par with it and it plays better than the 65! To top it of, i was very surprised about the goodies you included – it doesn't get any better!! You're da man 😊 Will enjoy the beer this evening with my wife. 

6 out of 5 stars!!!
Will sure check your website regularly, and i'll get in contact if i see something for me!!
Have a great day my friend!"

12 Maart 2021 - *****

"Everything perfect! Thank you, Bees In A Jar!"


11 Maart 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul
😊The guitar is here (arrived just an hour ago) and is awesome.."

6 Maart 2021 - *****
"My past experience with you was -I shit you not- the cleanest and smoothest with any other dealer tbh."

4 Maart 2021 - *****
"The amp has arrived yesterday, I'm loving it! PS:Thanks for the beers, much much appreciated ;-)"

4 Maart 2021 - *****

"Onwijs bedankt voor de extra case candy! Ook de plectra en je visitekaartje is een nice touch :) Je hebt er in ieder geval een tevreden klant bij en wellicht tot later!"


25 February 2021 - *****
"Hey Paul, The strap is beautiful, looks great on my new Goldtop! I hope to buy a guitar from you some day soon."

25 February 2021 - *****
"Just got it, WOW! Impressive. Thanks for the beers, strap and magazine. Impatient to be home tonight and plug it into Engl beast!"

18 February 2021 - *****
"Paul, the eagle 🦅 has landed!! 🤠😘😍What a nice Guitar 🎸 You do everything with love and style👏👏👏👍🏻thank you very much! What a wonderful guitar strap 😍perfect color to the guitar!!!🖤"

17 February 2021 - *****
"Hey today, I got my step down transformer and played the Deluxe and Magnatone. What shall I say ? It just blew me away!!!! So much inspiration with that sound - thats what I am looking for - thank you sooooooo much!!!!"

10 February 2021 - *****

"The guitar arrived today, and I have to say it won't be going anywhere soon - I love it. It came this afternoon and I've been playing it for hours now. The fat, yet defined tone/sound I'd been looking for.) Plays great also. It is in the described condition. Even though I've never purchased an instrument without playing it I'm really happy (or got kinda lucky). Packaging was very good and thanks so much for the little extras. Great doing business with you!"

8 February 2021 - *****

"Guitar arrived safely today and everything is excellent and as expected. Thank you very much! Stay healthy and all the best!"


5 February 2021 - *****
"I’m really happy with Haze 67 the best fuzz I have even played. It is beast! Thanks!"


1 February 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul, De gitaar is in goede staat aangekomen. Ziet er allemaal prima uit. Wat een gaaf ding! Bedankt voor de goodies."

29 January 2021 - *****
"Hi Paul! I just wanted to let you know that the Goldtop arrived safely yesterday! I'm absolutely thrilled by its condition, sound and feel! Thank you so much for the great packaging and the fast shipping! I would also like to thank you for the beers and additional case candy! You're a great seller! I'm sure we will be doing business again soon! ;) Thanks again!"

28 January 2020 - *****
"Increíble fuzz nothing compares with this fuzz. Ultra vintage, unique fuzz!!"

24 January 2020 - *****

"Excellent service and a great guitar - highly recommended."


20 January 2021 - *****

"Thank you so much! Fast and super safe shipping, five thumbs up!"

19 January 2021 - *****

"Hallo Paul, Paket ist gut angekommen und es ist alles in bester Ordnung. Herzlichen Dank für das Bier! Ich lasse es mir heute Abend schmecken! Wünsche Dir alles Gute und vielleicht bis bald! Cheers! 🍻"

17 January 2021 - *****

"Bedankt voor de (snelle) service 🙏, kan niet wachten om ermee podium op te gaan!"

7 January 2021 - *****

"Love the guitar Paul! Thanks, ook voor de extra 'case candy'! Cheers en tot de volgende! J."


5 January 2021 - *****
"After struggling with the shipping (due to Covid issues) I finally got the guitar. I'm very happy with it. Paul is very reliable and very kind. The qualitiy of the guitar is according to his descriptions on his website - Top! Will definitly come back... Thank you Paul."

30 December 2020 - *****
"The pallet with the stack arrived in great shape. Thank you for the beers. Always great fun to deal with you!
Have a great start into 2021!"

30 December 2020 - *****
"I just wanted to let ya know, my dad's Haze69 was safely delivered on Monday. Thanks again. Crazy of generous of you. I'm on your site constantly too, so I'm sure we will be doing business again either way soon."

24 December 2020 - *****

"Hi Paul, I got it! What a lovely example. And the packaging was insane, the best I've seen. The beer even though risky, is a lovely detail. I adore IPA. Thank you truly. We will definitely be doing business again!"

22 December 2020 - *****
"Guten Morgen Paul, viiiiielen Dank! Ist unglaublich !!! Bist der Beste :)"

21 December 2020 - *****
"Amico mio, mai avevo sentito una voce di una Lea Paul così. Non ho parole per ringraziarti. Grazie a te sono felice come un bambino. Ti voglio bene..."

16 December 2020 - *****


"thank you sooooo much :)"


9 December 2020 - *****
"Hi Paul, der Magnatone Amp ist heute gut bei mir angekommen. Er war wirklich perfekt verpackt und ist sehr interessant. Ich habe mich auch sehr über das Bier gefreut - vielen Dank! Ich freue mich auf unseren nächsten Deal! :-)"

6 December 2020 - *****

"Hi Paul, it is here! What a beauty... Thank you so much again for this fantastic deal... I will keep track of your listings, it is very probable that I will buy something from you again in the future. Best regards and have a beautiful day!"

4 December 2020 - *****
"Hi Paul, Killer Amp😊👍 arrived in top Condition, thank you very much! Take care & Keep it loud."

3 December 2020 - *****
"Great vintage collector and serious musician who is an absolute pleasure to work with and carries only super high quality and rare musical instruments. Five star in absolutely all respects. Lucky you if you get to spend time with Paul in any transaction. Highly recommended."

2 December 2020 - *****
"I have been playing the amp and it sounds amazing. It is so detailed and musical yet never harsh or strident. A am very happy with it... I wonder how they can't replicate these sounds anymore. Finally thanks again for the sale and your excellent customer service, good luck with Bees In A Jar for the future!"

1 December 2020 - *****
"Hi Paul, it is here! Thanks for the fast delivery, amazing packing job and all the extra's!"

30 November 2020 - *****
"Loving this amp, Paul. I used it to record our next album, and have been using it with a power attenuator at home and it's just fantastic. I also love how I can just sit and stare at its visible history, written all over it. "

27 November 2020 - *****
"Super professional seller, great communication, top level package, immediate shipping, amazing sounding amp!"


27 November 2020 - *****

"Received today... what a monster amp! Killer Sound!! Wow! Thank you Man"

26 November 2020 - *****

"Hi Paul, a massive thanks for sorting out this Strat for me (that was an interesting Safari) and of course for the beers which I enjoyed last night cheers."

21 November 2020 - *****
"Wat een toffe shop, onvoorstelbaar mooie gitaren en amps en een heerlijke relaxte vibe."

20 November 2020 - *****
"Thanks to Paul Hamwijk from Bees in a Jar in the Netherlands. You were awesome to deal with and gave me a great deal! I can’t wait to deal with you again!"

19 November 2020 - *****

"Hey Paul, The guitar arrived just before we were going out for dinner. It is an amazing guitar. Thanks so much for all your help I really appreciate it."

18 November 2020 - *****

"Just arrived at home! Love the amp already very much by look and will play it tomorrow after work. Thanks again very much!"

10 November 2020 - *****
"Hey! Forgot to say thank you again for this little rocker, i like it! Till the next time, Im sure it will be 😎"

8 November 2020 - *****
"hi paul! awesome amp! great package !!! thanks for the books and, especially for the beers !!!!! cheers!"

6 November 2020 - *****
"Great communication. I'll do business with him again if i could."

2 November 2020 - *****
"Thanks again, you have been awesome to deal with"

1 November 2020 - *****

"I will buy again from seller. Extremely well boxed and quick delivery. Items were as described."

1 November 2020 - *****

"Wow, that was fast."


30 Oktober 2020 - *****

"molto professionali , diretti e precisi. sicuramente rimarrò in contatto con loro."

30 Oktober 2020 - *****

"Considerate and quality seller. Thank you!"

29 Oktober 2020 - *****

"Thank you and thank you again!"

27 Oktober 2020 - *****
"Received the guitar, all ok and no issues. All working fine! She's a real beauty. Many thanks for the extra's :) Great doing business with you! I'll keep a close eye on your site!!"


22 Oktober 2020 - *****
"+++ Thanks! All good! Ultra fast shipping! ++++"

13 Oktober 2020 - *****
"Hi Paul,SG just arrived👍 Sounds Killer, thanks a lot! And thanks for the funny Beer and the Magazine.😊"

12 Oktober 2020 - *****
"Thnx Paul Hamwijk from https://www.bees-in-a-jar.com for the great service and nice pimpy strap.
You're the best!!."

9 Oktober 2020 - *****
"Quick service, perfect information and the best packaging I have ever seen. Fantastic seller. Thanks a lot!!"

22 September 2020 - *****

"Paul! This amp, this guitar, nothing else and it is HEAVEN!!!😍 Put the Power Brake in between so it's usable all day and night. Even in the lowest setting it sounds much better than anything else. And the amp sounds great with all my other guitars as well! Unbelievable. Thank you again my friend! 🤘"

15 September 2020 - *****

"Hi Paul, The LP is just georgeus!!! The best guitar I ever played. How could you let her go? I could not have a shop with vintage guitars - I would not sell guitars like this.. ;-) Thanks again! J."

10 September 2020 - *****
"Hallo Paul,
Die beiden Gitarren sind gut angekommen! Sie sind wirklich sehr schön und gefallen mir gut.Vielen Dank auch für die ganzen Extras, besonders hat mich gefreut, dass die beiden dann doch Koffer hatten, du hattest ja geschrieben ohne Koffer."

4 September 2020 - *****
"Paul is nicest dude on the planet, thanks again for such lovely Es355 .Marty Mcfly is fireing up the DeLorean to come & get it 😎"

2 September 2020 - *****

"Hey Paul, great amps - thank you so much !!!! Greets from Bavaria :-)"

29 Augustus 2020 - *****

"Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung ;-) Alles bestens.... vor allem das Bier 🍺

Gerne wieder .... Beste Grüße"


23 Augustus 2020 - *****
"Lieber Paul,Wir sind gut in Bonn angekommen, voller Freude und voller grossartiger Eindrücke. It was a pleasure Dich kennen zu lernen, vielen Dank noch mal für ALLES!"

17 Augustus 2020 - *****
"You know it's a truly great guitar when it sounds good without amplification! Thanks to Paul Hamwijk of Bees In A Jar for providing me this baby!!"

13 Augustus 2020 - *****
"Der Marshall Artist tönt wirklich einzigartig. Sau gut!"

13 Augustus 2020 - *****
"I KNEW that guitar would go right away. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Paul Hamwijk is the real deal!!"


12 Augustus 2020 - *****
"Hi Paul! I received the amp today and I want to thank you very much for everything! The amp is as good as it was described and the gifts you have sent are amazing. You are a real professional. Whenever you visit Athens I would like to meet you and drink those beers together at Hobbs coffee restaurant, which I own. Thank you again!"

9 Augustus 2020 - *****

"Paul has great taste and one of the coolest shops in Europe. I just love it!"

7 Augustus 2020 - *****
"You are a great dealer and I trust you. That is important for me. Thanks!"

27 July 2020 - *****
"Hey Paul. I’m in the studio right now and.....damn it sounds good . Again, thanx for the deal."

22 July 2020 - *****

"✨🤘🏻✨ Thank you so much Paul!"

21 July 2020 - *****
"The guild F50R arrived today, I am very pleased ! I've had an F48 for 15 years which I love, always wanted an F50R. A dream come true!"


18 July 2020 - *****

"Great seller. Received as described ! Thanks again !"

15 July 2020 - *****
"Hello everybody, guitar arrived today it's just great, thank you for the excellent service, including outstandingly labeled beers."

6 July 2020 - *****
"Thanks very much for your kind help much appreciated AAAAA+"

2 July 2020 - *****
"Hey Paul, just received the SG Junior! Thank you very much. It was kindly packed and thanks for the little extra beverage! Looking forward to play that thing!!"


22 June 2020 - *****

"A true Pro! A huge thank you for your Business . Bees In Jar Is highly Recommended to anyone at anytime at anyplace."

21 June 2020 - *****
"I think you are a truly great seller that does his job with love! And that makes the difference...

20 June 2020 - *****

"Very happy with my new amp! Thanks Paul!!"

19 June 2020 - *****

"Nogmaals bedankt, leuke ervaring en guitar of a lifetime! Ben er echt super happy mee. Lekker aan het spelen!"

19 June 2020 - *****
"Silverburst came in a few hours ago, with the dirtiest case ever and the nicest liquid and readable casecandy :))
Thank you for the pleasant deal + communication and everything. We should stay in touch!"

17 June 2020 - *****

"I recently met Paul for the first time and I can confirm that it was a hundred percent positive experience. Not only is Paul a superfriendly guy, he also has a lot of knowledge and is genuinely passionate about the gear he sells. I swapped two guitars for a stunning Les Paul Beano, which ticks all the boxes for me: killer looks, sweet velvety tone and super comfy neck, perfectly set up. Thanks Paul!"

14 June 2020 - *****
"Hey Paul, een paar dagen geleden ben ik naar je studio gekomen in Den Haag om te komen kijken naar een prachtige Gibson ES-335 limited edition in Emerald Green. Zodra ik de foto's zag was het liefde op het eerste gezicht. Ik heb je gemaild en daarna ook nog even gebeld en meteen had ik een goede indruk. Eerlijkheid en passie voor je werk en gear zijn kenmerken die duidelijk naar voren kwamen.

"Als iemand het echt graag wil en het echt vet vind, dan wil ik dat gewoon regelen."

Beter had ik het zelf niet kunnen omschrijven.
Na een uur te hebben gejamd op de gitaar, en samen gepraat te hebben over muziek en over gear ging ik naar huis, een prachtgitaar rijker. Ontzettend blij met deze aankoop, en ook ontzettend blij dat ik Bees in a Jar heb leren kennen. Ik zal in de toekomst je pagina's in de gaten houden en zeker delen met andere gitaristen.

Succes in de toekomst Paul, nogmaals ontzettend bedankt en (waarschijnlijk) tot ziens!


13 June 2020 - *****
"Ha Paul, Ik vond het een hele leuke kennismaking en ben heel blij met de Beano.Inderdaad een "sweet tone", fluweel zou ik zeggen! Dankjewel!!"

12 june 2020 - *****
"Everything from your side was really great...Thanks a lot for the transaction, amp & the tasty beer plus magazine!!!"

10 June 2020 - *****
"Dear Paul, the guitar is here!!! Thank you very much, it feels just perfect and I‘m very very happy to take good care of her. Also for the beer 😎 we gonna celebrate in style!!! Thank you as well for the magazine and your oldschool ticket card which I like very much 👌🏻 I can‘t wait to visit your store! "

8 June 2020 - *****
"You are the best seller in the world. Thank you very much...i have never met you and even you have helped me through these years...i have great awesome-museum amps thanks to you"

6 June 2020 - *****
"Thanks to Paul for this amazing pedal great seeing you"

5 June 2020 - *****
"Perfect as described and bombproof packaged.
Thx a lot. All the best"

4 June 2020 - *****
"Today, one of my dreams guitars came home, an awesome 1966 Gibson Trini Lopez, same guitar that Dave Grohl has used in every Foo Fighters record. I’m not going to tell you how great this guitar is today, just wanted to thank Paul Hamwijk from Bees In A Jar Guitars, who I got this beauty from. He doesn’t just have awesome guitars in his shop at more than fair prices, but he also is one of the nicest guy ever in this bussines. What can be better than an awesome vintage kickasss guitar? An awesome kickass guitar with Dutch beers!!! Thanks Paul, for the guitar and for the nice detail."


21 May 2020 - *****
"Thanks for the amazing surprise Paul! You are the best"


19 May 2020 - *****

"WOHHHH - Ein so geniales grossartiges Teil... mein allergrösstes lob an Paul, schnelle Lieferung, Artikel immer wie beschrieben, supere Verpackung...ein ganz ehrlicher Verkäufer... kann ich nur allen empfehlen... dein treuer zufriedener Kunde... Franz"

18 May 2020 - *****
"Can you please deliver this baby to a friend of mine ? My wife... If she sees a delivery truck with what seems to be a guitar..."

18 May 2020 - *****
"I had maybe 150/200 guitars ... best custom shop ... today is the first day I play a electric guitar... no words... thank you...!

17 May 2020 - *****
"Ik ben weer 5-6 uur per dag aan het spelen! Het is de beste gitaar die ik ook heb gehad, ook gaan sommige dingen veel beter waar ik vroeger veel moeite mee had, echt fantastisch.. Hoe ontzettend veel een goed instrument uit maakt...! Beste gitaar die ik ooit heb gehad. Helemaal en 100% blij!"

17 May 2020 - *****
"Fantastic. Paul you are the best!"

14 May 2020 - *****
"Dude you seem to find some absolute gem’s, I’m blown away by many of your guitars...."


13 May 2020 - *****

"Thanks so much the Guitar rocks!!"

9 May 2020 - *****
"Fast shipment! item as described! thanks!"

7 May 2020 - *****
"Hi Paul, speakers arrived! I really didn't know until now what I was missing all these years! Those sound absolutely and F....ing amazing!!!! Many thanks for enlightening me and for your kindness!!! Would like to visit your shop in Netherlands one day!"

6 May 2020 - *****
"PERFECT!! Thank you!"


1 May 2020 - *****
"Soooo pleased with this LP. Its got some real bite and I'm going to really enjoy playing and recording with it. Many thanks for your excellent service. Cheers!"


1 May 2020 - *****
"100% satisfied - a great seller with excellent communication. Recommended!"

1 May 2020 - *****

"Great communication, item as described, will definitely do business with again!"

1 May 2020 - *****

"Hi, and thanks for the cabinet ! That was my first international purchase and I want to thank you for making it a smooth one."

30 April 2020 - *****

"Hi Paul, I’m very satisfied with my Tele. The couple plays fantastic. Many thanks!"

28 April 2020 - *****
"Strat vandaag ontvangen, wat een gaaf ding zeg! Ik ben je echt dankbaar dat ik de gitaar mocht kopen. Thx!"


25 April 2020 - *****
"Fantastic amplifier. Packed well and shipped promptly."


23 April 2020 - *****
"Item well packaged and arrived sooner than expected in perfect condition as per the ad description. I would not hesitate to order from Bees In A Jar again. 5*"


20 April 2020 - *****
"The Amp is here. Wow! Nice Amp. Thank you. I hope everything in the future will be like that."

17 April 2020 - *****

"The guitars arrived. 76 is cleaner, but 77 is an amazing sounding instrument! I have had around 17 LPC from 68-83 and also a 58. This has THE thing!!"

10 April 2020 - *****

"Paul, the amp arrived safely, and I LOVE it! It's absolutely magnificent. Know that it has gone to a good home with an appreciative owner, and that people are going to see and hear it in action in clubs over here."

8 April 2020 - *****

"I would give 7 stars if I could- exemplary seller, immediate shipping, packed perfectly, as described and with extra goodies, highly recommended seller."


31 March 2020 - *****

"Hello from Munich Paul.. many Thanks for this fine Guitar!🎸"

30 March 2020 - *****

"Got it! Sounds great! Thank you. Always superb fun to deal with you."

26 March 2020 - *****


"Excellent!! 🙏"


18 March 2020 - *****

"Thank you Bees In A Jar & Paul Hamwijk for this amazing amplifier!"


15 March 2020 - *****

"Fairer Preis, hervorragende Kommunikation und sehr schneller Versand. Und nicht zuletzt: Tolles Instrument in beschriebenem Zustand!"


14 March 2020 - *****

"Great Guitar, fast shipping, super friendly and fast response. Tx!"


13 March 2020 - *****
"Cooler als dit gaat het nooit meer worden! Dankjewel Paul, zoals altijd alles weer 100% goed!"

5 March 2020 - *****

"Paul is een echte liefhebber en kenner, altijd fijn om met hem zaken te doen. Echt te gek hoor, kan m ('69 Gibson ES-330) niet wegleggen :)"

1 March 2020 - *****

"Super-smooth transaction...very positive...A+A+A+A+A+"

28 February 2020 - *****
"Awesome and quick communication. Great deal!"


22 February 2020 - *****

"Guitar ok! ++++++++++ Thanks a lot; so happy !!!! You rule !!!!"


21 February 2020 - *****
"You rock sir loved watching you video on face book keep up the great work! I look up to you"

21 February 2020 - *****

"Ouhhhhhhhh nouvelle bombe qui vient d arriver !!!!! Sg melody maker Pelham blue 1966 Vla le mojo !!!!! Bientôt sur scène et en studio ! Thanks Bees in the jar !!!!"


18 February 2020 - *****

"You are great, keep it up!"


17 Februari 2020 - *****

"Es hat alles wunderbar funktioniert. Die Gitarren sind unbeschadet angekommen und sehen verdammt gut aus. :) Ich freue mich auf unser nächstes Geschäft. Vielen Dank für alles!"

14 Februari 2020 - *****

"Hello Paul I got to play the amp tonight and I am very happy. It's a magical combination. The little amp and these guitars, I am thrilled.. I tried a lot amps before. But this is magic... Can't wait to record it"


13 Februari 2020 - *****

"Gitarre ist klasse!!...vielen Dank!! :)"


23 Januari 2020 - *****

"Hey Paul, nogmaals héél veel dank voor de hartelijke ontvangst en de tele!"

20 Januari 2020 - *****

"Excellent Customer. Come back again!"


25 December 2019 - *****

"Awesome seller! Marshall head was in unbelievable condition. Looks like brand new. Quick delivery. I would give the seller 10 stars if possible!"

24 December 2019 - *****

"Thanks Paul for the purchase. I really enjoyed your presentation of your shop, very cool. Makes me almost wish I lived in the Netherlands. If you don't already, you should write songs. Merry Christmas."


7 December 2019 - *****

"Great shop to do business with. Very polite and professional. Highly recommend."

6 December 2019 - *****
"Heb net twee uur lang op de gitaar gespeeld. Wat een ding, zeg!! Dank je wel dat je hem aan mij hebt gegund."

24 November 2019 - *****

"We zijn hartelijk ontvangen door Paul in Den Haag met een koffietje, zeer vriendelijk en hij vertelt enthousiast over de spullen die hij verkoopt. Ik kon uitgebreid testen op verschillende versterkers in de mooie ruimte. Enorm blij met mijn aankoop en de prijs zat helemaal goed, nogmaals bedankt!"


16 November 2019 - *****

"Great seller I've known through facebook. Offers high-end material in guitar but especially in amp (Vintage or new shop)
Serious and professional. I strongly advise!!!!! Thanks again for everything"


15 November 2019 - *****

"Great seller with friendly contact. Cool stuff and thanks!"

27 October 2019 - *****

"A true pleasure- thank you!"


27 October 2019 - *****

"The easiest, nicest, most stress-free purchase I have ever made. When you’re buying gear from abroad you have to make a call on whether the person you’re dealing with is on the level. From the very first message I got a good vibe from Paul and by the third I knew he was genuine & honest. It doesn’t get better than that!"

22 October 2019 - *****

" Excellent communications and transaction, thank you!"

27 September 2910 - *****

"super seller! Good communication, product sent in 3 days, super material and super nice!"

27 September 2910 - *****

"I received the guitar yesterday she is beautiful and sounds good. Love it!!! Thank you for this perfect transaction"

25 September 2910 - *****

"Pleasant communication, fast shipping, well packed, everything as described - what more do you want?"


20 August 2019 - *****
"Awesome buyer to deal with. Great communication and easy transaction. Would 100% recommend."

19 August 2019 - *****
"Fantastic packing and quick shipping!"


16 August 2019 - *****
"What a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks!"


11 August 2019 - *****

"Paul (Bees in a Jar) is een aanrader! Heeft een enorm hart voor de muzikant en voor vintage apparatuur. Heeft een mooie ruimte en zorgt voor een aangename ontvangst. Én hij heeft realistische vraagprijzen. *****"

5 August 2019 - *****
"A wizard; a true star!!"

3 July 2019- *****

"Paul is a very friendly and honest guy! I bought a guitar from him, and that was a very good experience. No hidden agenda’s etc! Nice coffee and very fair prices. Highly recommended!"

13 June 2019- *****

Honest, sincere and friendly fellow.
With a good taste ;-)"

13 June 2019 - *****

"The speakers arrived in good shape as described. No cone rub and well packed. Can't wait to get them in a 4x12 with my other pulsonic G12H30 and hear them in action. Fingers crossed they sound as good as they look. I'd do buy again from Bees In A Jar, a great seller!"

12 June 2019 - *****

"Great buyer, arranged shipment from my home address. Trouble free transaction. Highly recommended!"

4 June 2019- *****

"Had ordered an amp from this place. They were very professional and responded quickly to any questions. Their packaging is also very safe.
After reiceving the amp I realized it was not for me but no problem!
I returned it and got a full refund!

Thank you bees in a jar!"

13 May 2019 - *****

"I highly recommend Bees In A Jar ! Very fast shipping and well packed. Good service all the way through."

1 May 2019 - *****

"De spullen die Paul aanbiedt, zijn stuk voor stuk pareltjes tegen een zeer eerlijke prijs! De service die je er krijgt, is een stuk persoonlijker dan in een grote muziek winkel, en hij gelooft in alles wat hij verkoopt. Ik heb er een prachtige telecaster gevonden! In de toekomst kom ik zeker terug!"

15 April 2019 - *****

"Impeccable services, nuke proof packaging!!! Beyond expectations, thank you!"

16 March 2019 - *****

"Perfect guidance and explanation of the Bassman for a less experienced buyer as myself. As a more experienced listener I could focus on the extremely sweet sound coming from this amp and buy without hesitation!"

6 March 2019 - *****

"Thanks Paul !!!!! Very fast shipment , very well packed... good and fast communication !!!!
Amacing speakers for my Traynor YGM-3 !!!!!!!!
Thanks again, Paul."

7 February 2019- *****

"Paul is such a great dude! He made the drive from The Hague to Nijmegan just to drop off a beautiful ‘77 Gibson Les Paul Pro. Great guitar. Can’t wait to check out the shop in person some day! Thanks Paul!"

6 February 2019 - *****

"Fast shipping, good communication, everything as described. Deserves 6 stars at least :)"

13 January 2019 - *****

"a wizard. a true star."

Hi Paul!
The guitar is arrived in perfect condition (as always). Thank you! ❤️