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SOLD! - Tubeking built '59 Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A

SOLD! - Tubeking built '59 Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A

€ 2.499,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.000,00Verkoopprijs

Now we all know what a Fender High Power Tweed Twin can sound like. Just listen to Keith Richards, Joe Bonamassa, Ruben Block etc. They all use this amp to numb the audience. Its loud. Its crazy. It really is amazing.


This is one raw powered *beast* of an amp that sounds nothing short of spectacular while shaking everything in the room!


On top of that, this jaw dropping beauty was built by one of the top builders in The Netherlands: Tubeking Amps. All hand wired to top spec using lots of NOS and top quality parts to get where we need to be: true vintage sound for a fraction of the price!!


And even better: it was built with a 1961 Fender Blonde Showman Output Transformer that gets you even so close to that original 20.000 Euro Twin Amp.


Original 1961 Fender Showman Blonde Output Transformer (real close to an original 59 Fender Twin OT!!)

TAD Mojo cabinet from massive Pine, finger joints

Fender Tweed with nitro laquer finish like in the '50s

Oxblood Grill cloth

2 x Celestion 12inch Cream Alnico 90WATT vintage tone

Original 1961/1962 Fender Showman Blonde Output Transformer

TAD High Power Tweed Twin Power transformer, BIG TONE!!

Mercury Magnetics Choke

Jupiter, Belton, Switchcraft, Carling... all Top Quality & NOS parts used

1 x GZ34

4 x 6L6GC Power

3 x 12AX7 Preamp

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