SOLD! - Super Rare 1968 Marshall Popular #1930 Pinstripe 2x10 Tremolo 10W plexi

€ 3.750,00Prijs

This is a very rare amplifier indeed !!


Purchased this from the original first owner: an Irish guitarist who new Jim Marshall personally and ordered it back in 1968.


Have you ever seen a Marshall Popular combo in original Pinstripe??


This must be one of the very first Marshall Popular circuits in existence, with 2 x AEG ECL86 power tube, 1x 12AX7 preamp and pinstripe grillcloth. The caps date to the last quarter of 1967, and the speakers to 1968.


It is extremely rare to find an unmodded version of the Popupar, as they are often modified to a 'Mini Bluesbreaker' 18WATT amp. The chassis is the same, only needs some tweaking and a few extra tubes.


The original transformers just sound amazing. Marshall Plexi sound all the way, but without the ear-drum ripping volume. There are only a small amount of modifications on this one: repro Marshall logo, 2 replaced control pots and a replaced standby switch. There has also been a screening can placed on one of the valve bases to lower the noise. The circuit board is pretty original otherwise and the condition of the amp is very good.


The rarity of this amplifier, and the beautiful pinstripe, makes this a real collectors amp!

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