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SOLD! - Haze 69 Fuzz - Isle Of Tone

SOLD! - Haze 69 Fuzz - Isle Of Tone

€ 699,00Prijs

Yes. These really sound like a handful of Bees... In a jar!


Just look at these AMAZING Haze 69 Fuzz pedals!! We are so proud to offer these in our Bees In A Jar shop


These are the Haze 69 Premium Package Fuzz version, which means:

- handwired with paired NOS OC202 Germanium Transistors (or other specials)

- plexiglass see-through baseplate

- painted metal baseplate

- hand aged and painted metal enclosure with hand screen printed logo

- old stock knobs or completely handmade knobs

- handmade turret board, holes are punched by hand, eyelets set by hand

- even the battery contact is 100% in house handmade out of recycled battery contact tops, pieces of cloth wire and pieces from cut turret board

- everything is clothwired, soldered with best Mundorf stations

- high end capacitors, NOS Siemens PIO/ ceramic shealted cap, NOS carbon comp resistors, Carling switch, mij brass shaft rotary switch etc. etc.


And if that wasn’t all, these sound so good: they blow everything else out of the water! I personally removed my Red Dot NKT Analogman and my vintage Colorsound Fuzz from my board to replace them with the Haze 67. Nuff said.


They are super rare so don't wait up, crack that piggy and whip out the 699 Euro's.


Thanks Joe & Steve from Isle of Tone !!!

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