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SOLD! - 1960 1961 Gibson ES335 TDC DOT NECK w/ PAF’s Cherry Factory Bigsby

SOLD! - 1960 1961 Gibson ES335 TDC DOT NECK w/ PAF’s Cherry Factory Bigsby

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One owner guitar, nicknamed "Merlin"


Custom ordered in 1960 by a Mr. Antony Green, finally delivered in 1961. Survived hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005. Sold via Gruhn Guitars ( EH6692, Gibson ES-335, 1960, original Bigsby and PAF pickups, finish has been water damaged but is stable, refretted by Gruhn Guitars, 1970s HC ...SOLD) and came to me via Paris, France.


99% of the Bigsby’d ES-335’s have stud holes, most of the times covered by a *custom made* cover plate. This way Gibson could sell them as either a stopbar tailpiece 335 or as a Bigsby’d 335. Not this one however! This axe has no stud holes so we know for 100% sure its a Gibson factory custom ordered Bigsby’d ES-335 TDC.


This not only means that it is super duper rare; it has also been built to the exact specification back in 1960 as it is today, resulting in one of the best balanced and sounding ES-335’s I have probably ever had. And I'm not just saying.....!! This is a very light (even with the Bigsby) and super resonant guitar and a true bless to play. A mythical guitar for sure! The sustain and tone of this beautiful specimen is really fantastic; the sound is just beyond awesome...


This all original example (except for a refret) has seen a nice couple of gigs and earned every one of them. It is still in overall fantastic condition with some honest player mojo, wear and finish checking and comes complete with original Lifton black pebble yellow lining hardshell case. All latches are in great condition. The DOT NECK has not the usual slimmer neck profile you get on most early 60's ES’s. It’s not like a chunky ’59 either but somewhere in between the two and it just is a really nice neck to hold on to.


With its original finish, double PAF’s, electronics, tuners, case etc etc this is just a killer guitar! Pick it up and you’ll understand why this is on every guitar players top 5 instruments of choice.

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