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SOLD! - 1958 Fender Tweed Tremolux 5E9-A Big Box Narrow Panel Tremolo

SOLD! - 1958 Fender Tweed Tremolux 5E9-A Big Box Narrow Panel Tremolo

€ 5.800,00Prijs

This tweed beauty is a real vibe machine!


The 1958 5E9 Tremolux is a 2x6V6 tube loaded 1x12 big box combo that pushed about 18 watts and has a similar feel of a vintage Tweed Deluxe of the time, but with that sweet, sweet tremolo and of course more headroom and a bigger sound.


Fender introduced the Tremolux model in 1955 as their first amp with tremolo built in rated at about 15 watts. Later in te 50's the Tremolux featured a larger cabinet and an output rating of about 18 watts with its transition to the later circuit. The Tremolux uses a 5U4 (GZ34) rectifier tube and a fixed bias allowing for significantly more head room than the lower powered 5E3 Deluxe from the same time period.


The 1958 Fender Tremolux for sale was wired by Lily in Fullerton, CA, USA and features the 5E9-A circuit. The amp is in great condition with the original power transformer and choke, yellow Astron coupling caps, and Jensen P12Q speaker. The amp performs flawlessly with sparkly cleans and nicely driven crunch at high volumes. The tweed shows plenty of wear from years of being used but the internal components show little playing time. The leather handle is a nice replacement, as is the output transformer. There is a 220Volt power converter installed on the bottom of the cabinet, which is wired to the power fuse and a European plug for use in Europe without changing out the original power transformer.

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