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SOLD! - 2023 Meyer Musical Instruments Blackpool 55 Combo 1x12 G12H

SOLD! - 2023 Meyer Musical Instruments Blackpool 55 Combo 1x12 G12H

€ 3.250,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.950,00Verkoopprijs

The Meyer Blackpool 55 combo is a single channel, medium gain, high quality custom built amplifier built with decades of experience in servicing and building amplifiers.

Built using tried-and-tested materials and construction methods, the Blackpool series incorporates several new design features and techniques.

Advanced Gain Control
When designing the amplifier Meyer put extra effort in the tone balance at different gain levels. The final circuit adapts a system where an increment of the amount of gain simultaneously moves the frequency of a high pass filter for articulation of specific tones before reaching overdrive; the ADC Advanced Gain Control. This gain control system stresses the mid frequency response at higher gain settings so the low frequencies stay firm and the high frequencies are in control without being too sharp.

Like the Brighton series both the Blackpool 38 and 55 feature a tube rectifier, a 5U4GC for the Blackpool 38 and a GZ34 for the Blackpool 55, simply because we know it is the best for rectification of the power supply and hence tone.

Effects Loop
Both the Blackpool 38 and 55 are equipped with an effect loop. Not just any effect loop but an active buffered loop for delivering a low impedance output signal. With the active buffer there are simply no limitation in the length of the cable to and from the effects in the effects sloop. The returning signal from the effects in the loop is amplified with an dedicated tube amplifier,  boosting the return signal to a level for mixing with the original signal.

The Amp
The Blackpool facilitates a gain and master volume together with an active buffered effects loop on the rear side for optimum blending of Bass/Mid/Treble and gain. This is one seriously versatile combo! The power amplifier uses a set of selected and matched EL34L tubes and is powered by a high quality transformer and GZ34 rectifier tube. The pre-amps section uses a combination of 5751 and ECC83/12AX7 tubes and a single ECC81/12AT7 tube. As a speaker it currently is equipped with a Celestion G12H Anniversary UK 12inch speaker, but an original 70's G12H Blackback speaker is also available upon request! On the back it features an FX loop (fx-send, fx-return) with a  mix control, additional speaker output, Output Impendance switch and fuse holders.

The amplifier also accepts extension cabinets with 4, 8 and 16 ohm impedance, like for example the Meyer Brighton 1x12 extension cabinet we also have for sale our other listing.

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