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SOLD! - 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with Bigsby

SOLD! - 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top with Bigsby

€ 19.750,00Prijs

This killer looking original 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is a great example of why these mid 50's Goldtop guitars are coveted by almost evey guitarslinger out there!


It has no cracks, no breaks, no repairs and everything on this guitar is from 1953 with untouched solder except for an old refret, changed nut and a late 50's Bigsby B7.


The gold finish is all original with no overspray or repairs whatsoever. It shows this beautiful weather checking, honest playwear all around and it has a warm and lush golden glow over it with some greenish cracquele. The original trapeze tailpiece was removed and it also has had another type of Bigsby on it which you can see as the previous holes are filled. The bowtie bridge looks super cool and the height is perfect for a nice low action. The current frets are old small ones with fretwear but it plays fine nonetheless. Electronics, P90's, tuners etc are all original, as is the Brown case with pink plush lining.


It has just the perfect 50's neck with a very nice low action and comfortable round 50's feel. It really rings and is LOUD acoustically. Plugged the neck pickup is warm bluesy/jazzy and has a nice deep profound sound, the bridge pickup is aggressive, has a great attack and roars punchy lead sounds.


And with just a bit over 4.0Kg I think this is pretty nice for a Bigsby'd Les Paul!


Many guitarists consider this to be the ultimate "blues machine" as the sustain and sound on these guitars are just unbelievable!! And I can only agree... ;-)

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