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SOLD! - 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top + case + strap + key + cards + cloth

SOLD! - 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top + case + strap + key + cards + cloth

€ 20.500,00Prijs

This 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is a collectors dream...


I have never ever seen a 67 year old guitar in such an excellent condition, even the case looks like it came out of the factory last week... Its all there. Its real. It is a time machine from 1953 and it just landed straight into our hands.


All original, incl

- 4-latch case, cleanest I have ever seen!!

- 1st owner's 1953 business cards

- original Fender Black Leather Guitar Strap

- original 6K11 key and pouch

- original cleaning cloth


So what do you say when this lands in your lap? At first, I thought it wasn't real. Something must be wrong. Its a refin. Its an aged reissue. True Historic. VOS. Well done! It looks so real!


But then you start to see it. The headstock... As shiny as yesterday but the "Les Paul" logo is perfectly on top of it in gold. So not a reissue. And its not polished flat and faded, but it just pop's out! The fretboard, frets, knobs, plastics... Its all in amazing condition. Then you look at the case... Sure it isn't a lightly aged True Historic case? Nope, the old case smell is there. And wow: it still has the original 6K11 key that even locks the case!! And the paper bag that the key came in. And the business cards of the original owner from back in 1953. And a cleaning cloth. And the Leather Strap... Then you know its real. And that this is something special. So isn't there anything wrong with it? Well, its 67 years old and sure it has several marks and spots, a ding here and there and the top finish has started checking. But thats about it. And on top of that: it even sounds super sweet as well. Crisp and clean, just like it did in the old days!!

Make yourself the happiest collector in the world and let this beauty sofly land into your hands :-)

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