SOLD! - Marshall JMP-1C 50th Anniversary 1WATT Combo Amp

SOLD! - Marshall JMP-1C 50th Anniversary 1WATT Combo Amp

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The JMP-1C is an all-valve, 1-Watt amplifier designed and voiced to reproduce the sounds of the Marshalls of the ’60s but, as Jim Marshall mentioned himself, at a controllable “home friendly” volume.

The ’60s Marshalls were famous for their full sound, where a well rounded bass is balanced by a bright airy treble. They were also designed for a wide range of guitar output levels, so were quite easy to overdrive at high volumes. The JMP-1C has been designed to provide this distinctive tonal character at the surprisingly loud level of one Watt.

The simple control layout of Loudness and Tone enables you to dial in a great sound with the minimum of fuss. To add further to the “home friendly” nature of this amp, whenever the full 1-Watt output proves too loud you can hit the Low Power button on the rear panel to further drop the volume – enabling you to crank the loudness control to get the tone you desire. 

The dual-triode ECC82 in the power amp is configured to work in ‘push pull’, just like the famous Marshall amps of the period. When combined with the right level of feedback in the power amp, this allows for fine control over the dynamics, allowing you to clean up the sound with the guitar volume, or a lighter, picking touch, and then “dig in” for some classic ’60s Marshall growl!

For such a small, low-power amp, it churns out a full-throated and harmonically dense sound that is surprisingly open with compact and tight low frequencies. If you’ve ever wondered why low-wattage amps are preferred by many engineers and producers, this is exactly why—nicely controlled frequency response even at high gain levels, and sound pressure levels that are sane for microphones and musicians alike.