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SOLD! - Marshall CSJTMOSH Limited Edition Custom Shop Offset 1 Watt Half Stack

SOLD! - Marshall CSJTMOSH Limited Edition Custom Shop Offset 1 Watt Half Stack

€ 1.500,00Prijs

This amazing little amp is in excellent condition and very complete!!

- Limited to 1100 units worldwide (100 in the UK).
- Made in England in the Marshall Custom Shop
- Marshall Custom Shop paperwork - Marshall Custom Shop COA certificate of authenticity
- Marshall Custom Shop amp head cover and cabinet cover
- original head box

Cosmetically inspired by the Marshall JTM45 amplifier that sparked the origins of the company, the Custom Offset is a tonally rich 1 WATT valve amplifier that's very simple to use. It comes in a traditional head and cabinet format, the latter housing a Celestion 10" speaker and oozes all the character of a vintage Marshall amp.

Tonally, the Custom Offset takes you from brilliant clean through to classic Marshall crunch and beyond, all at a 'neighbor friendly' volume.

A lower 0.1W power output allows you to drive the tubes at an extremely low volume, and singular loudness and tone controls are all you need to take your tone from glistening Marshall cleans through to inimitable British Crunch and Marshall lead sounds. Truly simple. Truly stunning.

The Custom Offset range is a complete one off, strictly limited edition, and will only be available for a limited time.

- Marshall Custom Offset 1 Watt Mini Stack Features:
- ECC83 preamp valves
- ECC82 Power Valve
- Loudness & Tone Controls
- Low Power Switch (1 WATT > 0.1 WATT)
- 8 & 16 ohm speaker outputs
- JTM45 'Offset' styling
- Celestion 10" speaker in the cabinet
- 230Volt EU

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