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SOLD! - Isle Of Tone Dallas Rangemaster remake - extremely rare one off

SOLD! - Isle Of Tone Dallas Rangemaster remake - extremely rare one off

€ 1.995,00Prijs

Yes. These really sound like a handful of Bees... in a Jar!

Want a truly unique Pedal?? Have been looking for an original Dallas Rangemaster but can't afford one? Want that vintage sound anyway? Here you go! This is a Rangemaster that will blast your amp into the stratosphere!

This is a one off unique pedal made by Joe from Isle Of Tone. It basically is the NOS version of a BPC Dallas Musical Industries London England Rangemaster that was comletely overhauled.

Isle Of Tone changed ALL the standard parts to correct 60's vintage ones with a real NOS Mullard OC44 germanium transistor, a real NOS 60's Welwyn pot, NOS Plessey capacitors, NOS Mustard capacitor, NOS carbon comp resistors, Cliff jack input, made a battery contact from vintage parts, etc. etc.

Now it's completely like an original 60's one but without the pricetag. And now you can really sound like Rory Gallagher, Tony Iommi, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore and just about every other classic guitarist from the period...

Just look at the AMAZING Isle Of Tone Fuzz pedals anywhere and you can see why they are so expensive.

They are all handwired with paired NOS Germanium Transistors, hand aged and painted enclosures with hand screen printed logo or wood as these prototypes, old stock knobs or completely handmade knobs, handmade turret boards, holes are punched by hand, eyelets set by hand, even the battery contact is 100% in house handmade out of recycled battery contact tops, pieces of cloth wire and pieces from cut turret board.

On top of that everything is clothwired, soldered with best Mundorf stations, high end capacitors, 40's 50's and 60's NOS PIO and ceramic shealded caps, NOS carbon comp resistors, Carling switches, brass shaft rotary switches etc. etc. It's all high end to the max.

And if that wasn’t all, these sound so good: they blow everything else out of the water! Many professional players use one or more Isle Of Tone Fuzz pedals and you know why.

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