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SOLD! - 1959 Fender 5F6-A Tweed Bassman 4x10 Narrow Panel - retweed

SOLD! - 1959 Fender 5F6-A Tweed Bassman 4x10 Narrow Panel - retweed

€ 5.500,00Prijs

Nice looking retweed 1959 Bassman with the original reconed speakers and transformers. The control  panel and lettering are also in excellent condition.


serial BM02792 (BM01500 to BM03100 - 1959)

IK date stamp on the chassis and tubechart (Nov 1959)

original and NOS Astron, Cornell Dublier and Philips Blue Mold capacitors

original pots date 137 937 and 137 939 (week 37 and week 39, 1959)

original 308 Power transformer, 45249 Triad Output Transformer, 178 Choke

4 x original Jensen P10R Alnico speakers 220945 (week 45, 1959) reconed and refurbished

re-tweed and aged


Introduced in 1952, the Fender Bassman was created to accompany Fender's wildly successful Precision Bass, which debuted the previous year. Originally a 26 watt amp with a single 15" speaker, the Bassman grew to 40 watts by 1954, with four 10" speakers, making it almost certainly the most powerful instrument amp of its day. Increasingly popular with guitarists, by 1958 the amp had been upgraded with four inputs (two 'Normal' and two 'Bright') and a midrange control. Covered with Fender's signature diagonal tweed, this 'narrow panel' version of the Bassman has achieved iconic status, having inspired the original Marshalls and countless other high-gain amps in the decades since.


The amp for sale represents the last and most celebrated version of the combo Bassman, designated by Fender as the 5F6-A. Warm and throaty, the amp delivers creamy clean response at low volume levels, and is phenomenally powerful when cranked, making it a favorite for studios, clubs, or concert halls.


From Buddy Guy and Jimi Hendrix, to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brian Setzer and Joe Bonamassa, a host of legendary performers have regarded the tweed Bassman as simply the finest guitar amp ever made. Even the Fab Four used one on a number of classic recordings.


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