SOLD! - 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Cherry Jr.

SOLD! - 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Cherry Jr.

€ 8.250,00Prijs

This 1960 Les Paul junior is a real rock-n-roll machine. No breaks, cracks or repairs.

It has a typical '60 Les Paul neck with a very easy and smooth profile, not too thin like later 60's necks but a slim version of the '59 I guess. It plays extremely fast and feels fantastic in the hand.


There's no buzz and the refret has plenty of life left in there. There is some weather checking and the finish is bright and glossy, probably due to a light overspray on the body and neck. At some point different tuners have been on there but the original Kluson strip tuners are back on there. P90 pickup, bridge, plastics, knobs, jackplate etc are all original. Pots are dated 1959 week 42.


The original P90 on this beautiful axe sounds fantastic, very light and open. It's a simple machine but there is a reason everyone wants one. It is vibrant and lightweight (3.2Kg) and unplugged it sounds very loud with bells ringing. And lots of power and grunt when plugged into an amp on breakup, just like we want it!! But it can also sound jazzy and warm, sweet with woman tone.

Comes in a non original Les Paul hardshell case.