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SOLD! - 1954 Fender Tweed Twin Amp Wide Panel 5C8/5D8 2x12

SOLD! - 1954 Fender Tweed Twin Amp Wide Panel 5C8/5D8 2x12

€ 12.500,00Prijs

This is such a rare find that it even featured in Dutch Guitar Magazine "Gitaar Plus" in 2011!


**Just fully serviced and ready to rock! This amp is so silent at "idle" that you would think it's broke... After nearly 70 years!!!**


Back in 1953, Leo Fender and a few of his employees in Fullerton CA began producing what to my ears, is the definitive sounding rock 'n' roll amplifier: The Fender Twin.


Keith Richard tours with serials 0003 and 0004 and Danny Gatton has serial 0040. This here is serial 0093...


I would say the Tweed Twin is a special amp to me and I absolutely enjoy using it. I can understand easily why the they are Keith Richards favorite recording amp and why he is using them on stage. It has my perfect "clean" sound and an amazing edge. It's not a loud clean like the Twin became later on but it has such a beautiful, full and rich resonance... I think it's a combination of the preamp tubes, the pine cab, 2 x Jensen 12inch alnico speakers and the floating baffle. It really comes to life when played clean.


Pushed it will growl and rock like nobodies business, which is a different story, but clean it has a life all of it's own, as said it's not an extreme loud clean, but it's a great clean. One of the best we have ever heard. And we have heard some Tweeds before.... It simply is one of the best sounding combos in all of rock history. Full range sound, loud and clean. Set it up correctly and this legendary amp will be one of the best performing amps in the world!!


Twin Amp Model 5C8/5D8 Wide Panel Combo cabinet

Original cabinet, tweed & grill cloth

Date stamped CF (june 1953)

Chassis serial 0093 (1953)

Pots date stamped 304412 (december 1954)

TRIAD 6516 Power Transformer

2485 Output Transformer

Chassis tape with the name of the builder: “Lupe”

2 x matched pair Jensen P12Q 220427 12" speakers (27th week 1954)


1 x 5U4GB NOS rectifier tube

2 x 5881 NOS power tubes

2 x 12AY7 NOS preamp tube

1 x 12AY7 NOS mixer tube

1 x 12AX7 NOS phase inverter tube

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