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SOLD! - 1953 Gibson ES-295 All Gold

SOLD! - 1953 Gibson ES-295 All Gold

€ 8.500,00Prijs

Rock ’n’ roll was born on July 5, 1954 when an 19 year old Elvis Presley recorded a hepped-up version of bluesman Arthur Crudup’s "That’s All Right Mama" that would soon make him the world’s first rock star. Guitar history was also made that day, thanks to the sliding, rolling and chiming licks that Elvis’ guitar player Scotty Moore put into the song’s groove, putting his 1953 Gibson ES-295 to the job. By the time Phillips’ tape machine stopped rolling, Moore had become the first rock lead guitar player in history...And here we have such an amazing instrument for sale. A beautiful and original 1953 Gibson ES-295 All Gold that is every bit as exciting as you think it is! Just like the one Scotty Moore played. This beauty has seen its fair share of playing and is really a piece of guitar history. Plays easy and smooth up to the higher registers and has a truly wonderful sound.


The famous story, perhaps apocryphal, surrounding this model that Les Paul, following the debut of the all-gold solid body electric that bears his name, was visiting a guitar-playing friend in the hospital and thought “I know! I’ll have Gibson make a special prototype ES-175 with twin white soap bar pickups, in all gold finish, with a flowered pickguard, and I’ll give it to my friend to cheer him up!” He told Gibson to rush it, and Gibson, as a result of Mr. Paul’s urging, made up what is now called the ES-295. Alas, they delivered the prototype to Mr. Paul just a few days too late, as his friend had passed away, but the world benefits ever since...

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