SOLD! - 1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/ Trapeze Tailpiece

SOLD! - 1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/ Trapeze Tailpiece

€ 22.500,00Prijs

This all original 1952 rare first year Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is a superb example and has no cracks, no breaks, no repairs and everything on this guitar is from 1952 with untouched solder. 


And even better: whereas a lot of these first year Les Pauls have problems with the action/neck angle, this one has a very nice low action and a comfortable big neck! It really sings and is LOUD acoustically. Plugged the neck pickup is warm bluesy/jazzy and has a nice deep profound sound, the bridge pickup is sharp and twangy and can do searing lead solo's if you can... 


The body shows some finish checking and a picking area on the top near the pickguard where the finish has gone through to bare wood. Someone put a finger on that particular spot for almost 70 years I guess...


Many guitarists consider this to be the ultimate "blues machine" - the sustain on these guitars is quite unbelievable - and I for one think they are spot on.