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SOLD! - Gibson Collectors Choice 1960 Les Paul Dutchburst Aged CC18A

SOLD! - Gibson Collectors Choice 1960 Les Paul Dutchburst Aged CC18A

€ 7.500,00Prijs

One of the most droolsome guitars we've seen and one of the best relic jobs on a Les Paul ever! Its just gorgeous...


The thing about any good vintage guitar is that it has a story to tell. The Dutchburst is no exception. As the story goes, this guitar was acquired in 1961 by a Dutch jazz musician called "Jan" who played in a trio on a cruise ship. The guitar belonged to him his entire life, and he left it to his son when he passed. After 18 years spent stored in an upright piano, this elusive instrument reemerged on a sunny day in August of 2006 when it was brought into a guitar shop in Holland.


That said, it was clearly cared for - as any 'tool of the trade' should be - with wear marks coming from hands flying up and down the neck, over the body and around the controls.


The Dutchburst with original serial 0 2430 is about 'use' not 'abuse'; one can almost picture our jazz hero finishing a gig, wiping down the strings, cleaning the neck and polishing the top before placing it respectfully in its case for the night. And that's one of the things that we like so much about Ol' Dutch: it has not been dulled down as so many VOS models are. Old guitars actually don't go dull. If anything, they get even more shiny where the lacquer remains and has been looked after.


Here, the mildly flamed maple ripples understatedly beneath its moody 'tobacco fading to burnt umber and caramel' finish, while the nutty-coloured mahogany back, sides and neck glow under a patina of simulated age.


It's interesting to assess each dent, ding and wear mark and imagine what went into creating it. What songs did Jan play? We presume it was the jazz/pop repertoire of the day. Did the lack of finish on the lower rim reveal that he played seated? Does the wear on the back of the neck mean he wrapped his thumb over the top? Or played mostly in the jazzy key of Bb?


"If you're a guitarist who gets the whole vintage thing - and we unashamedly do, especially that glorious tobacco hue - a guitar like this is a joy to behold, a thrill to play and exhilarating to hear. And let's face it, put another dent in it and who's to know?"

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