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SOLD! - 2023 Tubeking Princeton Reverb Tremolo Blonde - handbuilt

SOLD! - 2023 Tubeking Princeton Reverb Tremolo Blonde - handbuilt

€ 2.000,00Prijs

Yep - we have another one of these beauties for sale!!


This is a handbuilt handwired copy of the early 60's Fender Princeton Reverb with built in Tremolo and all the best parts used. Celestion 12" G12H30 heritage 75Hz speaker, Hammond and Mercury Magnetics Toneclone transformers, NOS caps, NOS tubes etc. etc.


The Fender Princeton Reverb is a true classic and it is used by all the greats. During the '60s Fender made some of the best guitar amplifiers on the market and the Deluxe Reverb is highly sought after by players all around the globe. These were renowned for their precise tone, volume, and great looks, and their smaller size makes them ideal for gigging and travelling musicians. Originals are rare and difficult to find, and if you do manage to get your hands on one, you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars depending on the condition. You dont want to bring that amp on the road...

In comes Tubeking. If you know them, you already know how high the built quality is. Made with love, passion and knowledge of vintage Fender amps, this one is built to sound and to last. It has the sound of the 60's combined with vintage and new parts so it is ready for gigs, studio work etc. And you dont have to be scared something happens to it as it is a true workhorse and not a collectors baby! It is warm and chimey with a full and lush surfin' reverb. The tremolo is sweet and delicate but it can also be set to whallop your pants off. On the back a "Mid" selector pot was added so you can blend more or less mids in the sound, just as you like to cut through the mix. Also a bright cap is installed on the volume pot for that same reason. This is such a welcome modification to the original! And there's enough power on tap for using this beauty on smaller aa well as bigger stages.


It is a very popular amp among guitarists all over the world and we really can understand why!!

Includes the footswitch and a Tube Amp Doctor padded dust cover!

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