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SOLD! - 2023 Marshall JTM Studio MKII ST20C 1x12 Combo Handmade

SOLD! - 2023 Marshall JTM Studio MKII ST20C 1x12 Combo Handmade

€ 895,00 Normale prijs
€ 795,00Verkoopprijs

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, we feel that it is time to cheer you up with our BIAJ Autumn Sale 2023 !! 🐝 🐝 🐝


We all need to understand just how much of an impact Jim Marshall's JTM tube amp had on the emerging world of rock 'n' roll, with the 1964 "coffin logo" version considered to be the holy grail by many players.

Yes, the original may have been inspired by the Fender 5F6-A Bassman, but the JTM was a different breed altogether, thanks in part to the use of British KT66 and ECC83 valves. This new class of amplifier delivered a tone and power that players of the day had never experienced before...

If you fancy owning a little slice of rock history - and you don't have 15-20K hidden down the back of the sofa - Marshall may have just released the next best thing to possessing an original example. The newly launched Marshall JTM Studio is the most recent edition to the celebrated Marshall Studio line and the British amp giant's latest venture into modernized vintage reissues.

Hand-built in Bletchley, England, the Studio JTM features a finger-jointed cabinet, hand-welded chassis, as well as hand-soldered potentiometers and valve bases. The tonal heart of this compact head is a pair of ECC83 preamp valves, two 5881 power amp valves and a single ECC83 phase splitter, which deliver the period-correct tone most of us are chasing.

Now, while the original produced a gut-punching 30 WATTs of power, these little brothers deliver a slightly more manageable 20 WATTS, which can be dropped to a more comfortable 5 WATTs for use at home or in the studio. Continuing the modern features is a DI out and FX loop, which bring this veteran amp bang up to date for those in need.

Designed to replicate the vibe of the 1964 version of the JTM45, this amp doesn't follow the stark gold and black look of many Marshalls but instead opts for period-correct details that place it directly in the swinging sixties. With its fawn front, silver panel and retro "coffin" logo, this amp is simply a work of art.

This amp sounds just fantastic and oozes vintage mojo with a tone that perfectly harkens back to a bygone era. Now, the heritage tone of the JTM Studio can't compete with the high-gain flavors of the JCM-inspired Studio Classic, but it's not trying to - if anything, it's trying to do the opposite. Jump the channels, dime in the right amount of tone to match your guitar and vintage bell like tones drop out of this little baby. Turn up both volumes, push the Celestion G12M Creamback and it roars like a lion starting to get really, really angry!!!

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