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SOLD! - 2020 Haze 67 Fuzz - Isle Of Tone

SOLD! - 2020 Haze 67 Fuzz - Isle Of Tone

€ 649,00Prijs

Oh yes, we have another one of these bad boys for sale! So... PONY UP as it will not be here for long! :-)

Just look at these AMAZING Haze67 Fuzz pedals!! We are so proud to offer these in our Bees In A Jar shop.

- handwired with paired NOS AC128 Mullard Transistors
- plexiglass see-through baseplate
- hand aged and painted metal enclosure with hand screen printed logo
- vintage knobs
- handmade turret board, holes are punched by hand, eyelets set by hand
- even the battery contact is 100% in house handmade out of recycled battery contact tops, pieces of cloth wire and pieces from cut turret board
- everything is clothwired, soldered with best Mundorf stations
- high end capacitors, 1940's 1950's NOS Siemens, Mullard etc PIO ceramic shielded cap, NOS carbon comp resistors, Carling switch, mij brass shaft rotary switch etc. etc.

>> plus a cool fair trade 100% organic T-shirt!!

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