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2018 Marshall 1974X Handwired Ltd. Ed. 18WATT+ 1974CX 1x12 Extension cabinet

2018 Marshall 1974X Handwired Ltd. Ed. 18WATT+ 1974CX 1x12 Extension cabinet

€ 1.800,00Prijs

Only ever used inside, never gigged and in amazing condition with exception of the gold faceplate that has been tarnished by the weather (but that's just to have it look like the originals I guess... ;-)

This is the ultimate combo for that typical Vintage Brit Rock Sound!!


The 18WATT Marshall 1974X is a reissue of the fabled model 1974, which is a dual channel, all-valve combo produced between 1966 and 1968. Just like the original, the 1974X is hand soldered, with an aluminum chassis and a valve-driven tremolo circuit. It's two-channel design is straightforward and effective just volume and tone controls on channel one and volume, tone, speed and sensitivity on the tremolo channel. Because of its lower Wattage, the 1974X power valves will overdrive sooner than an amp of higher power. This means that the 1974X produces harmonically rich and sensitive, vintage Marshall tones at volumes that wont shift your hearing; this is great for the studio and gives you greater control of live sound. That said, flat out it still packs quite a punch.


The T1221/67 Greenback speaker used in the original 1974 combo would mature over time, with its sound softening with age. The special 12inch Celestion G12M 20WATT Greenback in the 1974X has been aged by Celestion to get as close as possible to that vintage, worn in, 60's tone. At the moment a 1970's Celestion G12H Greenback is in there to give it more of an oomph but when purchased it comes with the original G12M-20 Greenback.


The setup comes also with the beautifully hand-soldered Marshall 1974CX 20W extension cabinet which pairs perfectly with the handwired 1974X combo. It feat