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SOLD! - 2017 Nacho Banos Nachocaster 1950 Blackguard Broadcaster + Book

SOLD! - 2017 Nacho Banos Nachocaster 1950 Blackguard Broadcaster + Book

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From 1950 to 1954 a batch of legendary guitars were built in a small factory in Fullerton, California. The company was called Fender and the man behind it was its founder, Leo Fender.


These early Fender guitars — the Esquire, Broadcaster, NoCaster and the Telecaster — are nicknamed “Blackguards” these days because of the typical black bakelite pickguards they fitted them with. All these models had a similar look sharing the neck, headstock, body shape, pickguards, and control layout. Today, such a period correct Telecaster could set you back $50,000 and up.


In comes Ignacio "Nacho" Banos, a man who needs no introduction to the world of Fender Blackguard enthousiasts. 


The 1950-1954 Tele is regarded as the Holy Grail of Fender guitars and Nacho is the man who rebuilds them to perfection. He is regarded as the world’s foremost expert on Leo Fender’s guitars and, happily, is generous enough to share that info with anyone.


Since years Nacho makes reproductions of these guitars and they are jawdroppingly accurate. Using the best components money can buy, and guided by years of examining — and owning and playing — hundreds of the old Fenders, Nacho has nailed the look, feel, and tone of these old classics.


So check out this amazing piece of art. Its an all original Nachocaster based upon a 1950 Fender Blackguard Broadcaster. You think it looks stunning? Wait 'till you feel it. And then play it. Its jawdropping allright...


The case and all case candy is included + an original signed copy of "The Blackguard", the book of books on Telecasters e.a.

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