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SOLD! - 2017 Gibson CC31A Mike Reeder The Snake Aged 59 Les Paul Collectors Ch.

SOLD! - 2017 Gibson CC31A Mike Reeder The Snake Aged 59 Les Paul Collectors Ch.

€ 14.995,00 Normale prijs
€ 12.500,00Verkoopprijs

Here's another killer Les Paul from the Gibson Custom Collectors Choice series:


CC31A Mike Reeder Aged Les Paul called "The Snake".


Avid collector Mike Reeder has a stunning collection of classic Gibson's and the Collectors Choice #31 is a handcrafted replica of his personal 1959 Les Paul serial 9 0799, once owned by the legendary Brad Whitford. It’s called "snake" because of the two blemishes on the left side of the lower bout.


With a 1 piece Mahogany bod, 2 piece flamed dirty maple top and a Dalbergia Latifolia rosewood fretboard, this model is accurate down to the finest detail. With a special "Reeder Burst" aged nitro finish it's built to certified True Historic specs, even down to the lightweight aluminium tailpiece and plastics! Gibson have analyzed the original to the bone to ensure this limited run remains faithful to original specs.


With that nice and firm '59 C-shape neck you get that classic Les Paul feel. The neck is set using proper vintage hide glue techniques, which many purists argue offers better tonal response than modern synthetic glues.


The defining feature of the Mike Reeder '59 Les Paul however are the custom wound Custom Bucker PAF pickups. According to Gibson these are the most historically accurate PAF clone on the market, supplemented with a hand wired harness with Bumble Bee capacitors it is as close as you can get to a real '59 Burst.


With only 300 of these beauties available worldwide, the Collectors Choice #31 is a fine recreation of the serial #9 0799 '59 Les Paul.

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