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SOLD! - 2016 Panucci Aged ’59 Les Paul Inspired Series - Black Burst

SOLD! - 2016 Panucci Aged ’59 Les Paul Inspired Series - Black Burst

€ 2.795,00Prijs

The "Black Burst": a Gibson Les Paul Standard of a Different Shade...


Among experienced (and often jaded) veteran guitar collectors, precious few things create an adrenaline rush – strange one-offs, oddball brands that never quite blossomed, guitars with non-standard parts/materials from the factory, or those once owned by an icon. Even better, those personally built by an icon. And every so often, there emerges a guitar like this – a true classic that simply deviates from the norm.


This Panucci Les Paul '59 Black Burst Inspired is such amazing guitar. Built by Angelo van Merrienboer from Panucci, it is pretty lightweight and truly sings. Was my personal stash axe for the last couple of years!


The built was inspired by the following true story:


The original 1960 Gibson Les Paul Blackburst, bearing serial number 0 0162 and currently owned by no other then Joe Bonamassa, exists because in January of 1960, Kenneth Waters, a young Floridian just learning to play, walked into Ralph’s Luggage and Jewelry, in Homestead, determined to buy a Les Paul. Having none in inventory, the proprietor – who was indeed a Gibson dealer – offered to place an order on Waters’ behalf. Wanting a black guitar, but seeing the high-end/three-pickup Custom version was beyond his budget (it listed for $375 versus the Standard’s $280), Waters had Ralph’s order a Standard finished in “ebony” along with a budget case and a GA-6 amplifier. Three months later Gibson delivered a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst, finished black. Grand total? A whooping 345.05 US Dollars...

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