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SOLD! - 2016 2.8kg '61 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard Custom Shop "aged" Cherry

SOLD! - 2016 2.8kg '61 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard Custom Shop "aged" Cherry

€ 3.100,00Prijs

This is a hand picked lightweight 2.8kg 2016 Gibson '61 SG/Les Paul made by the Gibson Custom Shop in "aged" cherry red.


It is in absolutely brand new MINT condition and complete with all hangtags, booklet, case candy, OHSC etc. Even the original Gibson cardboard shipping box is still here!


Additionally there is a super nice Aged Montreux Time Machine correct pickguard + neck tenon cover plate added, originals are in the case.


It plays effortless and the Custombuckers with Alnico III sound really cool. The D profile neck sits smoothly in your hand and this guitar is really close to the originals!


The original SG wasn't named SG at all in the beginning. It was in fact originally dubbed a "Les Paul" and was intended to revitalize the slumping demand for Gibson's more traditional solid body electrics like the Les Paul Model (can you believe it...) as players' tastes turned to lighter weight guitars with slimmer necks. The short lived Les Paul endorsement ended when Les proclaimed the guitar as "evil looking" and not to his liking at all.


Gibson decided to rename it to "SG model", short for "Solid Guitar and this next generation of design from Gibson has grown into an icon of its own. Played and recorded in the hands of Duane Allman, Carlos Santana, Tony Iommi, Angus Young, Frank Marino, Derek Trucks, and an impressive list of others who chose it for its unique voice and feel. The Standard Historic SG Standard captures the original's reputation for lightweight, clean aesthetic, fast playing feel and undeniably Gibson voice.


The 2016 SG Standard is built to Standard Historic Specifications which include a long neck tenon, all hide glue neck construction, reissue aniline dye, hand-wired VOS harness with Bumble Bee capacitors and CTS pots; all just a few of the many details that make this reissue a dream to play.

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