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SOLD! - 2013 Gibson Custom Shop 20th Ann. 1965 Firebird VII - ex Pablo v/d Poel

SOLD! - 2013 Gibson Custom Shop 20th Ann. 1965 Firebird VII - ex Pablo v/d Poel

€ 10.000,00 Normale prijs
€ 7.000,00Verkoopprijs

There's another one for sale on eBay, asking 33k for it... Better grab a hold of this one fast!

This super rare guitar (only 100 were made!) was used, played and loved by Pablo van de Poel from DeWolff live on several tours and podiums (video's available) and in the studio on the albums "Tascam Tapes" and "Wolfpack". Pablo flipped the magnet from the middle pickup (can be reversed) for a cool out of phase sound which can be engaged with a push-pull pot. The original neck was the size of a firehose so Pablo had it professionally carved to a sweet feeling '59 type and the neck and headstock were refinished. However, it has absolutely no cracks or breaks! The gold has tarnished and the guitar was played live so it has some dings, dongs and marks on the body and neck and around the control cavity.


This bird comes including the original Gibson rectangular Hardshell Case (with stickers from DeWolff, some other bands and venues and flight label stickers from their European tour) and all sorts of original case candy.


The guitar is missing the original COA but includes a printed email from Gibson stating it's originality. Also included are a signed copy of the "Wolfpack" album, a personalized limited edition double album of "Wolfpack" and a printed picture of Pablo and me with the actual guitar for sale.

The reverse bodied Firebird VII was a revolutionary design when it first left Kalamazoo 50 years ago, and has remained about as “custom” as it gets in the years since. This special 20th Anniversary 1965 Firebird VII Reissue was made in the Nashville Custom Shop, USA and Limited to just 100 guitars worldwide! The guitar captures all the radical design elements and key features of this groundbreaking instrument in a guitar whose looks befit its status, with a stunning Golden Mist Poly finish in nitrocellulose lacquer, an all Mahogany body, 9-ply Mahogany/Walnut neck with a neck-through-body construction, 1 piece Ebony fingerboard, 3 x Mini humbucking Firebird Pickups, Maestro vibrato, Banjo tuners and the "Custom Art & Historic 20th Anniversary" medallion on the control cavity cover.


"The Firebird. The Phoenix. The great one who rises from the ashes. There lived a red rooster on the great plains of America, yearning for an instrument to accompany his cock a doodle doo at the Sun. So he cocked and doodle dooed at the Sun, all the while asking that bright giant for a guitar to strum. He flapped to get closer to the Sun so he would be heard, and he fell back to the ground incinerated, a pile of embers he was. But lo and behold! The great Phoenix flew forth from that black dust and claimed the guitar that emanated from the ball of fire in the sky, the Firebird had been born. Three more times did the Phoenix fly to the Sun, each time a Roman numeral was assigned, until the ultimate number of omnipotence was achieved, the ultimate Firebird: VII. You gotta get hot to play real cool."

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