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SOLD! - 2013 Marshall JTM45 2245 Plexi 30W reissue

SOLD! - 2013 Marshall JTM45 2245 Plexi 30W reissue

€ 1.000,00Prijs

The Marshall JTM45 is reputed to be one of the finest amp heads in the world and original ones cost really big money these dates. 


These Reissues are really nice amps and Marshall used high quality parts like Dagnall transformers and choke, as well as other original stuff to get as near as possible to the original series.


With 3 x ECC83 preamp tubes and 2 x 5881 this classic is at a perfect 30WATT output level. Enough to make your hair rise but not ear-drum-ripping loud. It produces sweet cleand and a really nice overdrive rock sound!


Having owned and played several real 60’s JTM45’s I can tell you that you can get really close to the sound of the originals. The original Marshall tubes are fine but if you REALLY want to make a change: swap them for NOS or high quality vintage Mullard or Philips Miniwatt tubes and get some NOS 5881's or KT66's. Then you will truly find out what a real JTM45 can sound like!

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