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SOLD! - 2012 Gibson Collectors Choice #4 1959 Les Paul Sandy Aged CC04A

SOLD! - 2012 Gibson Collectors Choice #4 1959 Les Paul Sandy Aged CC04A

€ 7.995,00Prijs

The closest thing possible to owning one of the best of the best of a rare run of guitars made between 1958 and 1960 that is already recognized as the most desirable production model in the history of the electric guitar.


Collector's Choice™ #4 1959 Les Paul aka "Sandy"


The Gibson Collector’s Choice series focuses on producing exacting replicas of some of the most important and beautiful individual Gibson guitars ever produced.


Collector’s Choice #4 is “Sandy”, the famed 1959 Les Paul Standard Sunburst owned by noted collector Tom Wittrock. Tom has said that “Sandy” is his favorite of all the 1959 Les Pauls he’s ever owned. This guitar has been heralded by many who have been fortunate enough to play her as about as perfect an expression of what makes a ’59 Les Paul the holy grail of guitars.  Perfect neck shape, great neck pitch, lovely top, great color. This one’s got it all, and is a perfect candidate for a Collector’s Choice run of replicas.


Comes including all papers, original case etc etc. The pickups are an amazing PAF Humbucker replica set, hand made by Andreas Kloppmann for this guitar! So not a  run of the mill set of PAF replica's but made by hand to match this particular Sandy! Needless to say they sound like a million bucks...

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