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SOLD! - 2012 Evil Robot Phil X Custom 214 EVR-C30 18W/30W Magnatone Tonemaster

SOLD! - 2012 Evil Robot Phil X Custom 214 EVR-C30 18W/30W Magnatone Tonemaster

€ 850,00Prijs

** Cool-Amp Alert!! **


Optional Accessories included: Vibrato Footswitch + Studio Slips Cover


First things first: this is one cool amp straight out of the box! But, to get it as close as possible to that lush 50's Mangatone Tonemaster tone, you need to have some things changed. So we did...


The tubes are upgraded to:

V1 - Old Stock Siemens 12AU7/ECC82

V2 - Old Stock Brimar 12AX7/ECC83

These are the Channel Tubes. V1 drives Loudness B, V2 then gets added to V1 to drive the Loudness A into giving more gain.


V3 - Old Stock Siemens 12AU7/ECC82

This is the tube that the Vibrato runs through. The Vibrato doesn't work properly with a 12AX7, it really needs a 12AU7.


V4 - Old Stock Siemens 12AU7/ECC82

This is the tube for the FX Loop. If you use the Loop you need to watch the volumes of any Delay and Reverb pedals you use as these need to be set up to not effect the amps volume. Too Low and you will reduce the amps overall volume. Too High and you will drive the Phase Inverter tube giving you more power tube break up but also more compression when the amp gets loud. You need to keep the loop at unity gain.


V5 - Old Stock Brimar 12AX7/ECC83

This is the Phase Inverter tube. This tube drives your Power Amp Tubes and is responsible for your Power Amp Distortion. 


Power Tubes are 4 x 6V6GT as they were in the original Magnatone Tonemaster.

The original Tung-Sol tubes are also in the sale.


So, what is this "EVIL*ROBOT" you might ask?

When millions of people watched the Fretted Americana vintage guitar videos, hosted by legendary guitarist Phil X, almost everyone was asking themselves: "what the hell is that tone coming from?!". Phil X's amplifier of choice in those vids was an original 1950's Tonemaster Troubador 214 combo: a rare late 50's tube amp designed and built by Magnatone.


Phil X, Fretted Americana and boutique designer John Kasha got together and brought the old Tonemaster back to life in modern form. The Evil Robot Custom 214 was born!


At first, the only Evil Robot amps available were the USA handmade Custom 214 amps. They sounded great and paid homage to the tone of the original. However, handwiring and point to point circuitry meant that the original Evil Robot was too expensive for many guitarists. So one year after Evil Robot announced the EVR-C30. It's got all the awesome tone of the handwired Evil Robot, but at a much lower price point thanks to PCB construction! At last, the hallowed tone of the Evil Robot can be enjoyed by many more guitarists, and audiences across the world!


* Vintage Guitar Magazine Review Quotes *

"The EVR-C30 is great for the expressive hand-on player who likes to coax a variety of sounds using only their digits" 

"The Evil Robot EVR-C30 has a classic mojo that allows the user to plug in and quickly acquire some righteous Class A amp tones at an affordable price"


* Experiment with tubes - a versatile amplifier *

The EVR-C30 is an extremely versatile amp, and you can experiment further with your tone by selectively changing the preamp and power amp tubes. Evil Robot produced a Tube Configuration Guide with tried & tested tube configurations so you can tweak the Evil Robot's sound to suit you perfectly!


What Evil Robot Say about the Phil X Custom 214 EVR-C30 Signature Combo Amplifier:

Introducing the new Phil X Custom 214 Evil Robot EVR-C30 Amplifier. It's a 18/30 watt guitar combo with killer tone, incredible price and all new all-black design! Reminiscent of the original Tonemaster Troubador 214 amp that came onto the market in 1959 and immediately set the standard for rock n' roll, blues and R&B tone. With incredibly smooth harmonics and sweet Class A tone, it has once again been resurrected from the dead.


The EVIL*ROBOT Combo amp was carefully reconstructed from the ground up paying attention to the electronics that made the Tonemaster one of the most sought after tone machines for many artists over the years. Since 2010, Phil X who is the host of the Fretted Americana hit classic guitar show on YouTube has demonstrated the original EVIL*ROBOT amp with classic guitars dating as far back as the 30's to the present with hundreds of videos playing rock classics.


Now in 2012, Fretted Americana and Kasha Amplifiers have teamed up again to make this great amp available in an economically-made version. The EVIL ROBOT EVR-C30 can be used in the studio, live with full bands and is perfect for small venues. Our EVIL*ROBOT was the star of NAMM 2011 and feedback from our hit Youtube channel (22 million views as of December 2011) told us that the younger players yearn for an EVIL*ROBOT.


In 2012, to satisfy that audience (and others), we are proud to announce the birth of the economically affordable EVIL*ROBOT EVR-C30. Boasting a full 30 watts - with a smart modernistic black cabinet and extra features, the EVIL*ROBOT EVR-C30 amp is great for gigging. It thumps out a great sound and is made with the same high quality production that the EVIL*ROBOT line is known for, but is priced for the wider market.

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