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SOLD! - 2010 Gibson ES-175 Wine Red Gold Hardware

SOLD! - 2010 Gibson ES-175 Wine Red Gold Hardware

€ 2.200,00 Normale prijs
€ 1.850,00Verkoopprijs

Known as the workhorse of jazz guitars, the Gibson ES-175 is an iconic hollow body electric guitar loved by many legendary guitarists in the worlds of jazz, blues, rock, and fusion. The Gibson ES-175 has a recognizable sound that has been imitated by many guitar makers but seldom duplicated.

Though the Gibson ES-175 is associated with jazz greats like Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, and Joe Pass, its versatile tone and ability to take distortion has made it a favorite of fusion and rock guitarists like Steve Howe (Yes) and Buck Dharma who played an ES-175 on Blue Oyster Cult’s classic Don’t Fear the Reaper.

It's tone is warm and round but also clear and articulate, chiming with a quality that is spacious and airy while also being distinct and bell-like. To achieve its characteristic clarity of tone, the ES-175 is generally played with the volume and tone dialed down a bit to allow it to ring through with its usual warmth. It is also unique among hollow body archtops for its ability to deal with higher volume levels without excessive feedback. Plus, it is also liked because of its size. Compared to other Gibson archtops such as the L-5, the ES-175 is very comfortable to play.

This particular guitar is all original apart from a headstock/neck repair and a replaced trussrod. The neck was refinished with nitro in transparant Wine Red and with a double ended black stinger with skunk stripe, with the serial number still visible. The neck was reinforced with mahogany inserts and the repair comes with our shop warranty. No case included.

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