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SOLD! - 2009 54 conversion Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Tribute 1952 Prototype RI R4

SOLD! - 2009 54 conversion Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Tribute 1952 Prototype RI R4

€ 3.500,00Prijs

This used to be a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Tribute 1952 Prototype Reissue with the infamous trapeze tailpiece, silver hand inked serial number and “prototype” stamped into the back of the headstock. It was recently professionally converted to a 1954 spec wraparound tailpiece with 1-inch vintage length studs.

The neck has an amazing violin-like angle which gives this Les Paul some extra "ring and bells" compared to a normal Standard or Goldtop. This also allows several types of bridges on it easily and still capture a nice low action whatever the chosen setup. Even the original trapeze tailpiece could be installed back on it where the trapeze bridge posts cover the studholes. But why would you.

This guitar really sings and plays very easy. The pots, electronics, plastics etc are all original, the pickups have been changed to a EUR 240,- OX4 P90 soap bar pickup set, handwound to vintage spec taken directly of a 1957 Gibson les Paul Special. It features a warm glowing gold nitro cellulose finish on a center seam top, with a natural finished mahogany back and neck which show several marks and playwear on the top and back. The mahogany sides, back and neck show a lovely grain pattern and it is a real nice piece of wood. Not the lightest of the bunch with 4.4Kg but an amazing guitar all around.


The original tailpiece and chrome "Tribute" trussrod cover are included and the guitar comes with the original COA certificate and paperwork and a Gibson Custom Art Historic Les Paul case with the handle re-attached.

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