2 x 1970/1971 Marshall Salt & Pepper Basket Weave model #1983 2x12 PA Columns

€ 1.600,00Prijs

Kneel before the Towers of Power!


These are 1970 / 1971 Marshall PA columns, model 1983, and they are as rare as they are bloody cool. Each cabinet houses 2 x original 1970/1971 Marshall Greenback Celestion 20WATT T1221 loudspeakers, bringing the pair to a nice, round 80WATTS of fat rock tones.


They have the original tolex, cabinets, baffles, speakers, wiring etc. The grillcloth is recently replaced for original Marshall Salt & Pepper Basket Weave. Each tower is currently wired for 32Ohm, so if you connect both towers to your Amp, the connection is 16Ohm.


As an additional feature 1 of the towers has an additional jack plug for daisy chaining. You can connect 1 tower to the other, and connect that one to your amp. Together they are 16Ohm and you will only need 1 Jack output on your amp!

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