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SOLD! - 1998 Mike Shishkov Masterbuilt Custom 1958 Gibson Korina Futura Explorer

SOLD! - 1998 Mike Shishkov Masterbuilt Custom 1958 Gibson Korina Futura Explorer

€ 3.995,00Prijs

This stunningly beautiful 1958 Korina Gibson Futura / Explorer replica was made by Mike Shishkov, ex Hamer Custom Shop Luthier and Masterbuilder, in 1998! It is a truly unique guitar that can be considered as a prototype for Mike's later work at Shishkov Guitars.

Completely handbuilt and finished off with gold hardware, Kluson Deluxe tuners, Wolfetone PAF Pickups and an original Black Beauty Capacitor with CTS 525k pots, Mike has gone all out to make his personal dream guitar when working at Hamer. The attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the playability. All comes together in this magnificent instrument. It even has the original Gibson "Moderne" headstock design!!

When asked about this guitar Mike Shishkov replied:


Hamer employees were allowed to build an “Employee guitar” (not a Hamer, of course). This one was mine. And, except for the finishing part of it, it was built outside of our shop.

I never planned on selling it, but at that point in time I had to let it go. It’s a great guitar, just like anything else I make. Very surprised it made it all the way to Germany.

Good luck on selling it, and I would appreciate it if you would not refer to it as being a Hamer, because it is not. All the best


About Mike Shishkov, Shishkov Guitars
"I had the good fortune to learn from some of the best master craftsmen in the business as well as the pleasure to work on some of the most iconic electric guitars ever built during my long tenure at HAMER Guitars. When the time came to move on to the next chapter, I dreamed of being able to continue the legacy of combining artistry with old world craftsmanship to hand build some of the finest instruments available. When I launched Shishkov Guitars in 2014, I was humbled beyond words at the overwhelming support from an amazing group of guitar enthusiasts who helped propel my dream to reality. As a small custom builder, I have embraced the opportunity to approach each build as a collaborative process between myself and the player who will use the instruments that I create. As I look to the future, I am constantly working to push the envelope on my creations and am excited to work with you to make the guitar of your dreams a reality!"

About Wolfetone pickups in a Hamer (not my words, just found this on the old interweb but couldn't have said it better ;-)
"HOLY F%#K!!! I'm amazed at the clarity and sweetness that I'm getting out of the neck. On top of that, the bridge is unbelievable. It's so aggressive and articulate, but not shrill. I just can't get over how good these sound in this Hamer. The single note and chord definition is incredible. The guitar now has so much more girth and punch. I know that we all say "I installed X pickups and my axe came alive", but this Hamer has really come alive for me."

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