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SOLD! - 1995 Gibson ES-335 TD Dot Neck Blonde Natural

SOLD! - 1995 Gibson ES-335 TD Dot Neck Blonde Natural

€ 2.995,00Prijs

This one owner 1995 ES-335 DOT has been very well taken care of since its first purchase.  There is hardly any wear and it is all original. Only 1 tiny spot on the top and the remnants of a removed dealer sticker on the back of the headstock, thats it! 


The Blonde gloss nitro lacquer highlights the beautiful, three-dimensional ripples of curly flame figuring across the body, accompanied by a lovely woody grain pattern.


The "Dot" represents Gibson's first real attempt to recreate the magical dot neck 335's from the 50's and this example has that natural gloss nitro finish, nickle hardware and Gibson's '57 Classic PAF reissue humbuckers to resemble the look and feel. 


Strummed acoustically this ES-335 has the classic warmth and smooth tonal qualities which have become a hallmark of the classic ES-335 sound, and the full, dynamic acoustic tone translates well through the pickups. The neck pickup has a detailed and round sound that pairs well with the bridge humbucker that provides plenty of kick, snarl, and harmonic fullness, not to mention Gibson's classic near-endless sustain. Comes in a non original case

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