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SOLD! - 1993 Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White 1st series

SOLD! - 1993 Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White 1st series

€ 1.850,00 Normale prijs
€ 1.595,00Verkoopprijs

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, we feel that it is time to cheer you up with our BIAJ Autumn Sale 2023 !! 🐝 🐝  🐝


In 1983, Gibson released the very first Gibson Les Paul Studio, a guitar designed to deliver all the tonal benefits and playability of a Les Paul Standard, but without the embellishments. This enabled them to keep the cost down and provide a more affordable guitar for players who wanted that thick LP sound, without the hefty price tag.

This first series 1993 Gibson Les Paul Studio is an absolute workhorse of a guitar that we think is best suited to players who are looking for a good quality instrument that can handle a wide range of tones and playing styles and with 4.2Kg it is all within the reasonable weight range for a Les Paul of the 90's.

The dark ebony fretboard has no binding and feels ever so smooth, the Alpine White finish has aged and shows a nice vintage yellow patina with a few spots and stains from the guitar strap and guitar stand and hanger, but there are no chips or big marks and I'm sure most of it will buff out when you give it some TLC.

The stoptail was replaced in the 90's for an original 90's "Les Trem" tremolo unit, designed for no-modification installation on guitars with stop-bar tailpieces. This original precision-engineered model was designed and made in Germany and has been out of production for many years. These are extremely rare, especially in this condition, and can be removed and replaced for a tailpiece without any modifications to the guitar!

It has several patina, marks, spots and playwear but nothing too serious and no cracks or breaks. The pickups, pots, electronics and all hardware except for the trem. is original. Comes in a general Les Paul case with purple plush lining and shroud.

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