1987-1988 Marshall 4210 JCM800 50W Lead Combo 2-channel Reverb

€ 850,00Prijs

80's & 90's Hard Rock combo!


The JCM 800 is one of those amplifiers that was almost exclusively used throughout the 80's. It was a great tone and had a fast pick attack that was used by almost every guitars throughout the decade. 


If you ever played a Marshall JCM800 amplifier then you know pretty much exactly the sound that you're going to get with this combo.  The gain channel on the 4210 (which is the same as on the 2205, 2210, 4212) is the holy grail for people like Slash, Michael Schenker, Tom Morello, etc., all depending on the gain levels and guitar you'll stick into it. With a Strat and the gain turned down a bit, it can even sound like Jimi's around the corner!

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