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SOLD! - 1983 Gibson Tim Shaw Humbuckers PAF pickups

SOLD! - 1983 Gibson Tim Shaw Humbuckers PAF pickups

€ 700,00Prijs

PAT. NO. 2.737.842 engraved bottom
Date stamped 1631283

As we now all know, Tim Shaw came very close to re-creating the original PAF sound by designing these Gibson humbuckers in the early 80's (nicknamed "Tim Shaw humbuckers" or short "Shaw Buckers"), using all the original data from vintage 50's PAF's, bobbins, windings, magnets, wire etc and allegedly made the best Gibson humbucking pickup since the original PAF's from the 50's.

These Shaw pickups were a little known secret among Les Paul enthusiasts but have come on strong in the past couple of years.

Originally designed for the early Heritage-80 '59 Burst reissues, these Alnico PAF's were used in a number of Gibson's in the early 80's.

The set for sale is in very good condition and has all the features you look for when identifying a Tim Shaw pickup including the date stamp (1983), extra lead hole on bottom and, most importantly, the medium/high output of 8.79K (Bridge) and 8.35K Ohm (Neck).

If you're restoring a 40 year old Paul, or simply want one of the most authentic 'Burst tones Gibson has ever had, these are in beautiful shape with full leads and great output.

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