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SOLD! - 1981 "lightweight" Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80

SOLD! - 1981 "lightweight" Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80

€ 5.400,00 Normale prijs
€ 4.999,00Verkoopprijs

These are the ones to have and hold!!
A super nice player Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80 that weighs a little over 3.9Kg whereas most of these fetch 4.5Kgs or more...! And it has stunning figuring in the wood of the fretboard!


A lot of work was performed by a previous owner to make this player a true road warrior: The pickups were replaced for an original late 60's PAT.NO. sticker T-Top humbucker in the bridge and an original mid 70's PAT.NO. stamped T-Top humbucker in the neck position. Both pickups sound killer. The 250/300k pots were replaced for 500K CTS pots (originals in the case) and the caps for Paper in Oil. The plastic wire and tubing were replaced for braided wire, it was rewired to '59 specs and the output jack was also replaced. The bridge posts were unprofessionally removed with a pair of pliers and a hammer and replaced for Faber bridge posts. The bridge is a Gotoh ABR-1 and the tailpiece a Faber lightweight Aluminium. Inside the body cavities are the original Gibson stamps and marks plus stamps from a previous owner in Germany from the 80's!


The good news is that there are no cracks or breaks and the guitar plays and sounds amazing. The finish is original and shows a lot of buckle-rash and wear all around the body, neck and headstock. This baby was played!! Furthermore it has the original Grovers, Heritage-80 trussrod cover, jackplate, back covers, knobs, pointers and Gibson USA Les Paul Brown case with purple plush lining in great condition (even the handle is in tact!). Also in the case are the following original parts: pickup rings (broken and/or repaired); metal pots cavity shield and metal baseplate; chrome bridge pickup cover; Nashville bridge posts; "PW" Nashville bridge; jack output and "can" and the original pots..


Looking for an investment grade Les Paul Heritage-80? Gently move along. Looking for a lightweight player Les Paul with a lot of mojo that sounds and plays HAMMER: here's the one for you.


The Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 Series were introduced in 1980 and they were the very first of Gibson's many reissues of the epic '59 Les Paul Standard, also called the Burst. These Heritage 80 Les Paul's were made in the Nashville plant from 1980 to 1982 and had the closest to real '59 vintage specifications than any other Gibson Les Paul of the period.


The Heritage-80 is the guitar Lester William "Les Paul" Polsfuss himself preferred to play when playing live later in life, as is it the No.1 guitar of Adrian "Adje" Vandenberg and many, many more great guitarists. Sounds big and powerful, very rich sound. Quartersawn Mahogany body, beautiful Maple top etc.

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