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SOLD! - 1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80

SOLD! - 1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80

€ 4.995,00Prijs

These are the ones to have and hold!!


This rere beauty is a stunningly clean and original Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard-80 in just outstanding condition!


It has a nice and warm glossy Honey Burst finish and has no cracks, no breaks, no big dings, dongs or dents. It is in an amazing condition after nearly 40 years, and that includes the original Gibson USA brown case.


It is the same type of guitar Lester William "Les Paul" Polsfuss himself preferred to play when playing live later in life. As is it the No.1 guitar of Adrian Vandenberg and many, many more great guitarists. Sounds big and powerful, very rich sound. Quatersawn Mahogany body, beautiful Maple top, Rosewood fingerboard, Tim Shaw Humbuckers. Original pickups, pots, tuners, plastics, hardware and case!


The Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 Series (introduced in 1980) was the very first of Gibson's many reissues of their classic 1959 sunburst Les Paul. These Heritage 80 Les Pauls were made in the Nashville plant from 1980 to 1982. They had the closest to real '59 vintage specifications than any other Gibson Les Paul of the period.


On top of that for this model Gibson engineer Tim Shaw recreated the legendary 1950's PAF humbucker, by carefully investigating the winding and magnets of the original late 50's pickups. These PAF recreations became known as ‘Shawbuckers’ or ‘TimBuckers’ and are very well regarded by Les Paul collectors.

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