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SOLD! - 1980-1982 Gibson Moderne ’58 Korina Heritage reissue A serial

SOLD! - 1980-1982 Gibson Moderne ’58 Korina Heritage reissue A serial

€ 10.000,00 Normale prijs
€ 8.950,00Verkoopprijs

The Gibson Moderne: The New ‘Holy Grail’


The Gibson Modernistic Series guitars (Explorer, Flying V and Moderne) are based upon the original designs from 1958 that sported the wildest looks in Gibson’s history. All the 'Modernistics' had bodies made from African Limba "Korina" wood, PAF pickups and real crazy designs.


The 3rd guitar in the series, the Moderne, has a bizarre, confusing history. It’s design was blueprinted and patented in 1958, but despite persistent rumors to the contrary, only a few 'demo' versions of it were made at that time.


Many of the world’s guitar aficionados have long considered Gibson’s iconic 1959 Les Paul Standards as the ‘Holy Grail’ of guitar collecting. But recent opinions suggest that rationale might be shifting.


An article in the June 2009 issue of Premier Guitar magazine takes a look at Gibson’s ‘mysterious’ Moderne – the supposed step child from Gibson’s Modernistic line of guitars from the mid-1950s. The article dutifully delves into the “myth, mystery, the facts and rumors” surrounding this long lost guitar design, and offers some compelling arguments as to why it may someday supplant the 1959 Les Paul Standard as the ‘Holy Grail’ of the guitar world – that is, if one ever surfaces.


“The Moderne is like the Sasquatch of the vintage guitar industry, or those fuzzy pictures you see of UFOs,” says Stan Jay of Mandolin Brothers. “You can’t really tell what they are. I think it’s a wonderful thing to have some mystery. Every industry needs a mystery, and the Moderne is our mystery, our Sasquatch.”


The Moderne for sale is from the very first run of the Heritage series and has the coveted and rare A serial number. It is all original with untouched solder joints, original Shaw pickups, pots, perfect frets and a spot-on low action. It has 2 marks from a wall hanger and floor stand (headstock side and back of the neck) but that aside it is in absolutely beautiful condition! Comes with the original case that is missing the handle. One for the collectors as well as the guitarist that wants to stand out!

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