1978 Ibanez 2370 Varitone 2.8Kg - (Gibson ES-345 copy)

1978 Ibanez 2370 Varitone 2.8Kg - (Gibson ES-345 copy)

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Nice 2.8Kg lightweight guitar!


Super cool and surprisingly rich and warm sounding 1978 Ibanez model 2370 (Gibson ES-345 TDC) hollow body with a 3-position Mono Varitone that produces a variety of in and out of phase sounds. 


These gems were manufactured in the FujiGen Gakki factory in Japan in the early and mid 1970's: the golden years! It comes equipped with great sounding Ibanez MAXON Super 70 Humbuckers (As used by Eddie van Halen and part of his 1975 Ibanez Destroyer that created the famous Brown Sound as used on several tracks on his debut album), Rosewood top, back and sides, Cherry red finish, a solid and comfortable bolt-on neck with  Rosewood fretboard with beautiful perloid inlay's, gold plated tuners and gold plated hardware.


This guitar is lightweight and well balanced, yet the acoustic sound it produces is really impressive! Warm with lots of bass and sparkle. It has a relatively wide range of sounds ranging from rock to jazz / blues. It is balanced, round and warm and has perfect mids and twang at the same time. More than anything, I really like the sound of the neck pickup, it sounds really jazzy. The bridge pickup is perfectly suited for rock and has a great bite. And it's all original. The body nas acved and the neck shimmed. Nontheless, the playability is superb and it is setup with an amazing low action!
Comes in a recent non original hardshell case.