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SOLD! - 1978 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe Black P90

SOLD! - 1978 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe Black P90

€ 3.150,00Prijs

This all original early '78 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe has no cracks, breaks or repairs and just sounds phenomenal!


The Les Paul Pro Deluxe appeared in 1976, upgrading the Deluxe’s mini humbuckers to single coil P90s and replacing the rosewood fingerboard with a sexier ebony version. Other than that, the Deluxe and the Pro Deluxe were basically the same guitars. The Pro Deluxe model ran in production until 1982.


It was a weighty piece with a maple-topped mahogany body, three-piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Les Paul Standard style pearl block markers, two P90s, that unbound Custom-type headstock with Grover machineheads, and a set of Gibson speed knobs. A little ‘Pro’ designation on the truss rod cover would unmistakably identify the model on the retailers’ racks. Whilst on paper the LP Pro Deluxe didn’t jump out and whack you in the face, once someone put one into your hands it was a different story. Especially the black ones, which I think are the most attractive.


Any Gibson Les Paul feels like a serious piece of gear, but the Pro Deluxes backed that up with a truly classic sound and responsiveness. What many Les Paul owners will know very well is that the guitars can be unresponsive and reluctant to produce adequate definition. Particularly after Gibson started tinkering with the output and tone of the humbuckers, calibrating pickup sets, etc, Les Pauls became a minefield. But you know where you are with a Pro Deluxe. Those P90 single coils have a perfect balance of warmth and bite, and coupled with the guitar’s maple top, and the ebony fingerboard, you get ‘balls’ in abundance, but there’s no shortage of definition. You can play really heavy rock riffs and screaming solos all day, but equally, you can play percussive blues lead lines, jazz on the neck pickup, and some surprisingly modern ‘alternative’ styles with a clean tone just running into mild overdrive.

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