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SOLD! - 1978 Fender Vibro Champ Silverface AA764 Combo Tremolo

SOLD! - 1978 Fender Vibro Champ Silverface AA764 Combo Tremolo

€ 1.295,00Prijs

Sure, you can find the 70's Silverface Fender Champ by the dozens. But not the Vibro Champ, these are hard to find here in Europe!!

For sale is a lovely Vibro Champ that only had one owner since the 80's.

The Vibro Champ id a great little amp and a real gem. This little thing has such a great tone and vibrato and at such an affordable price even today. The 6 WATT vibrato combo 6 really has vintage tone for days. The set up like most Fender amps is pretty easy. On the front panel you have volume, bass, treble, speed, and intensity. You have an on and off switch along with two inputs for high and low. Pretty basic setup and there's not much else to it.

These amps just shine with a Stratocaster or Telecaster but they sound just as good with your favorite guitar with P90's or even Humbuckers. And on top these amps take pedals better than anybody out there.

This one is all original with the Fender Special Design 8inch Oxford 8EV speaker, original transformers (022905 EIA606-840 and CSA 827 EIA606-841) and even the original Fender tubes are still in there!!
Fender 5Y3GT rectifier tube
Fender 6V6GT power tube
Fender 12AX7A preamp tube
Fender 12AX7A tremolo tube

Get this baby before someone else beats you to it....

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