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SOLD! - 1978-1980 Gibson Flying V Natural Mahogany 2nd reissue 2.6Kgs

SOLD! - 1978-1980 Gibson Flying V Natural Mahogany 2nd reissue 2.6Kgs

€ 3.500,00Prijs

"As a kid you wanted to be cool. Super cool! Cool as Superman. Or Spiderman. Or cool as the King. Albert King..."


This über cool lightweight V has the original finish on the Mahogany body (date stamped 2/80) and neck, no cracks no breaks, and is very lightweight and resonant. The serial number on the back of the headstock dates it to December 12th, 1978. Original Gibson patent number pickups (stamped JAN 24 1980) sound powerful and clear. The Tremolo bar has been removed and a stoptail and tune-o-matic bridge have been installed. POTS are replaced for newer CTS. 


The 5-Latch Burgundy Plush Gibson Hardshell "V" Case has been taken care for as you can see and all latches, hinges, handle still work perfectly. The accessory box is still with the lid attached and even the strap top restraint is still there.


In 1958 Gibson introduced three models, designed and patented by company president Ted McCarty, that shattered the traditional concept that an electric guitar body had to resemble a conventional guitar: the Flying V, Explorer and Moderne. Although a commercial failure it did change Gibson's image as a stodgy traditional company. Gibson tried launching it again in the late 1960s, when Jimi Hendrix picked up a Flying V. The radical design then seemed to fit perfectly with the even more radical music. 


The original 1958 Flying V featured a lightweight Korina (African Limba wood) body, 2 humbucking PAF pickups, 3 knobs in a straight line, strings anchor thru body, V-shaped string anchor plate, white or black pickguard, body shoulders square at neck, all frets clear of the body, raised plastic logo, black ridge rubber strip on side of lower treble bout, triangular peghead with rounded top, gold plated parts, natural finish, brown almost retangular case with peghead side slightly narrower than butt side and pink case lining.


Gibson responded to the mid 1970’s popularity of the Flying V by making several re-issue variants. This Flying V is part of the 1975-1979 second re-issue in Natural Mahogany, made in limited quantities. Only 127 were shipped in 1978, 96 in 1979 and only a handful in 1980 and 1981, mostly leftover bodies from the factory.

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