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SOLD! - 1977 Celestion G12H T1234 black back 30W 8OHM

SOLD! - 1977 Celestion G12H T1234 black back 30W 8OHM

€ 175,00Prijs

STOCK SALE!! We are selling some very rare and coveted vintage speakers from our stock - check out our other ads!

Super nice 1977 Celestion G12H black back in good working condition that sounds great!

Tested and checked, runs smooth and sounds great! The cone was repaired after it was pushed in on transport and the voice coil replaced. But the original cone is still in there and repaired by a pro!

The T1234 was the stock speaker with many UK brands in the 1970’s, such as Marshall, Orange and Carlsbro. They are very nice sounding speakers – louder than the G12M and more ‘boomy’, but less compressed and more fluid. Strong in the upper mid range. Perfect replacement for low power amps like the Fender Princeton or Marshall 18WATT combo's for example!

Celestion G12H Greenback
model T1234
8 Ohm
Date stamped DK6 ( April 6, 1977 )
cone stamp 1777

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