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SOLD! - 1976 WEM Watkins Dominator Fifty 50 2x12 Combo Goodmans

SOLD! - 1976 WEM Watkins Dominator Fifty 50 2x12 Combo Goodmans

€ 800,00Prijs

This super clean and original amp is the very rare big brother within the Dominator range with 2 x original Goodmans Audiom 12P-G speakers and 2 x original Mullard EL34 power tubes, giving it a raging 50 WATTS of power. It's an absolute BEAST of an amp!


Over the years, Watkins Electronic Music have established a reputation for making functional equipment which, though never very exotic, could justly be claimed a worthy foundation for any band's equipment. The Dominator Fifty continues this tradition.


The Dominator is a combination amplifier of conventional layout built into a strongly constructed wooden case which is covered in hard vinyl. In the top part of the case is a 50 watt all valve amplifier with a clearly marked front panel. The lower part of the case is an open backed speaker enclosure housing two 12 inch Goodman loudspeakers. These are rated at 60 watts each.


Two deeply inset carrying handles are fitted oh the sides so that the case can be carried by one person or two. A thick waterproof cover is provided to keep out the weather (or beer).


The amplifier has two input channels. One is a bright channel which has treble boost built in and a "bright" switch which adds further treble boost. This channel also has volume, treble, middle and bass controls. The normal channel has volume, bass and treble control. Behind the backpanel there is a mains voltage selector so you can gig it anywhere in the world!


This Dominator is a very practical piece of equipment which will satisfy a large number of users in both professional and semi-pro fields. The speaker handling capacity of 120 WATTs on an amplifier rated at only 50 WATTs gives a lot in hand and makes the unit suitable for bass guitar or organ as well as guitars.

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