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SOLD! - 1976 Gibson Firebird Bicentennial Ebony Black & Gold w/ OHSC

SOLD! - 1976 Gibson Firebird Bicentennial Ebony Black & Gold w/ OHSC

€ 3.750,00Prijs

A true piece of history!


This Firebird was made for one year only in very limited quantities and celebrating the United States Bicentennial. As many will know 1976 was the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence for the USA - So Gibson decided to release a special limited edition Bicentennial Firebird model - nice and easy to follow so far - but Gibson has decided to run this model for 4 years with only about 222 available in black. It was a limited edition that was made only in 1976 as a tribute to the Bicentennial. While the unexpected popularity caused Gibson to keep producing them for another 3 years, only the 1976 model had the Red White & Blue "bird" on the lower bout of the pick guard and gold hardware.



There are no repairs or modifications made to this guitar and it is in great condition. All the parts are original, no refretting, no buzzing, plays exceptionally well all along the neck. POTS date 1976 and the original rectangular purple lining case is included.


The acoustic tone is full of life and the natural qualities of the lively sound and that certainly helps with a beautiful voice when connected to your amplifier. The neck humbucker has a warm, rich and smooth sound with a clear bell quality to it. The bridge pick-up has a good bite and attack and a real nice edge to it.

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