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SOLD! - 1976 Fender Musicmaster Black

SOLD! - 1976 Fender Musicmaster Black

€ 1.450,00Prijs

As Fender put it in the 1976 catalog "Begin with a Musicmaster, and graduate to stardom!"


This pretty cool All Black Fender Musicmaster from 1976 weighs just under 3.1Kg, has a lovely rich tone and is very resonant and light yet powerful!


The nitro (For some reason, Fender continued using nitro finishes on Mustangs, Duo-Sonics and Musicmaster for much longer than on other guitars) finish on the body, neck and headstock are all original as are the plastics, pickups, pots (week 18, 1976), F-tuners, knobs etc. The bridge saddles have been replaced and the originals are in the case, which is a 1970's Cheney England hardshell case.


The neck feels sweet and soft and plays effortlessly, the 22-fret rosewood fingerboard is really beautiful! The body shows several chips, dings, dongs and playwaer but there are no repairs or refins and all is legit. The neck is straight and has a nice vintage vibe.


In 1964, following the release of the Fender Mustang, both the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic were redesigned using Mustang neck and body blanks. The Mustang body was larger and slightly offset, and was fitted with a plastic pickguard but with the volume and tone controls mounted on a separate metal plate. The headstock was also enlarged.


During the 90's the cheaper student guitars attained cult status largely as a result of it's use by a number of alternative rock and grunge bands, most notably played by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, but also Rory Gallagher and John Frusciante played the Mustang once and again.

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